Sandy Hook principal could have prevented massacre with a handgun, Sen. Rand Paul tells students

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If the principal of Newtown elementary who was gunned-down while trying to disarm Adam Lanza had been armed with a handgun, he could have ended the massacre, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) told a group of students at the University of Kentucky (UK) last Wednesday.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) claimed the principal of the Newtown elementary school could have prevented this past December’s deadly shooting spree if he was carrying a hand gun.

“The only thing that could have prevented that shooting was if the principal had a gun in their desk,” he said in a speech before students.

Paul made the comment while defending his stance against President Obama’s proposed gun control regulations which are currently moving through Congress.

Paul, along with Republican Senators Ted Cruz (Texas) and Mike Lee (Utah), have threatened a filibuster of Obama’s gun measures later this year.

The event at UK was hosted and sponsored by BB&T, the Gatton School of Business and Economics, and the school’s chapter of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL).

Paul’s speech lasted just 20 minutes, according to the Lexington Herald Leader. The event was intended to be a small, unpublicized gathering due to room space that could only allow 200 attendees, according to organizers.

“The venue that we scheduled was one of our [University of Kentucky’s] smaller auditoriums and that was the main reason it was kept low-key,” Wesley Eklund, a YAL member, told Campus Reform.

Paul’s comments on gun control echoed remarks he made on Fox News last Thursday.

“Call me if any of your reforms would have saved those kids at Sandy Hook," he said, speaking to President Obama.

Eklund said he agreed with Sen. Paul that more schools and universities ought to allow licensed concealed carry holders to bring their handguns on campus.

Paul also spoke at the event about his stances on immigration, taxes, and entitlement reforms. In addition, he discussed his famous filibuster and the planning and motivation behind it.

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