Northwestern Univ.’s sponsored sex week will include ‘Big Booty Beauties,’ a pornographer, and Star Wars-themed burlesque dancers

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Northwestern University (NU) is sponsoring a sex week for students that will include a Star Wars-themed burlesque show and a presentation from a pornographer about how “radical pornography” can be used as a “community-building tool.”

Northwestern University is sponsoring a sex week that will include a Star Wars themed burlesque show.

Although the events may seem controversial to outsider, junior Leigh Gordon-Patti, who helped plan the events, said they were designed to appeal to the average NU student.

“We think about target audiences at Northwestern,” said Gordon-Patti.

Campus Reform was unable to obtain the costs of the sex week since Northwestern is a private school, however, the school-sponsored function will include more than a dozen other events and last from Saturday, April 6 through Friday, April 12, according to NU’s official Sex Week website.

“Would you listen to Nicki Minaj’s lyrics if it weren’t for that booty?” asks a description of Monday’s event, “Bad Ass MCs and Big Booty Beauties: A Panel on Women, Sexuality, and Hip Hop.”

The sex week kicks-off on Saturday with a burlesque performance that will feature NU students getting “pretty close to naked!” as they perform numbers with themes such as Star Wars and serial killers.

In addition to “Big Booty Beauties,” Monday will also feature a professional drag queen to demonstrating the “fabulous transformation process” on an audience member.

On Tuesday, NU will bring in “feminist pornographer” Madison Young for a her presentation on “Reclaiming Pornography One Orgasm at a Time,” which aims to explore “radical” pornography as educational, a “form of activism” and even a “community-building tool.”

Young has been on the cover of the sex-worker activist magazine Spread, and received awards for bondage.

NU did not respond to requests for comment on the issue.

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Katherine  Timpf

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