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@SeanGenX - 47 min ago

@campusreform but let's worry about the second amendment . #distractions , what #candidate is trying to #protect all of our rights .

@MorbidEntree - 52 min ago

@BronyDestined @SockyNoob @campusreform At some colleges, yeah. They limit free speech to predesignated zones so people don’t get “offended"

xanax del rey
@eeeemmmo - 57 min ago

@campusreform I thought the entire United States was a free speech zone

@chetbtester - 1 hour ago

@campusreform Where do we kick in some cash to make those vasectomies available to all the 'males'?

Tabitha Lily
@Tabitha__Lily - 2 hours ago

Yale admin. may leave to teach preschoolers who 'don't try to get you fired' via @campusreform

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