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Deborah Peifer
@DeborahPeifer - 39 min ago

Selena Lester Breikss & Washington State University @WSUNews Campus Reform @campusreform @peterj via @JenderFatigue

Shirley Baldwin
@nutjob - 2 hours ago

Enter Campus Reform’s Biased Course Contest! via @campusreform

Trend Millwork
@TrendMillwork - 3 hours ago

"Professors threaten bad grades for saying ‘illegal alien,’ ‘male,’ ‘female’....." via @campusreform

Campus Reform
@campusreform - 4 hours ago

.@Harvard raises bar for recognition of gender-neutral pronouns:

jim milewski
@jim_milewski - 6 hours ago

@BringTheFlag @campusreform stand firm, don't give in to the communists, Davis was a great man!

Elmo Lewis
@theElmoLewis - 6 hours ago

@BringTheFlag @campusreform @FrickePete Of all people, historians should know better (except when blinded by ideology).

Lone Ranger
@frgrab_frank - 6 hours ago

@BringTheFlag @campusreform Obama is offensive. Let's remove him first

Libs R Demonic
@TonyStory6 - 6 hours ago

@campusreform Video: Black Activist puts his life in danger; calls on Obama to denounce Black Lives Matter movement

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