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ratman720 #414
@ratman720 - 14 min ago

@TheMercedesXXX @JovanJordanXXX @campusreform without adequate repair facility distribution japanese companies needed superior reliability

ratman720 #414
@ratman720 - 15 min ago

@TheMercedesXXX @JovanJordanXXX @campusreform it was originally adopted to introduce electronics from japan to the us

ratman720 #414
@ratman720 - 16 min ago

@TheMercedesXXX @JovanJordanXXX @campusreform maintaining such a high standard reduces is critical for electronics and aerospace

Prince Rawstarr PR™
@rawstarr - 27 min ago

@JovanJordanXXX @TheMercedesXXX @campusreform JJ its sounds more complexed than it is 6 Sigma is hard but not as hard as it sounds

Marc ViciousXXX
@MViciousxxx - 36 min ago

@TheMercedesXXX @campusreform @gabriellahope_ that's bad ass! Good on you doll! As a college student, things like this help a lot!

@JovanJordanXXX - 38 min ago

@TheMercedesXXX @campusreform intense sounds like either you was going to be in the corporate world or secret government job lol

@1389 - 39 min ago

Report: Clinton Foundation leader blocked conservative group at U. of Miami via @campusreform

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