Teaching assistant accidentally sends home-made porno to students

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  • Email was supposed to contain answers to homework problems
  • Classroom went silent when she returned to class.
  • School have asked students to delete the graphic video.
  • A teaching assistant at the University of Iowa accidentally sent out a sexually explicit video of herself to students in her class.

    A teaching assistant at the University of Iowa, a public school, accidentally emailed a sexually explicit home -made video of herself earlier this week to students enrolled in a math  and business class she oversees.

    The email was supposed to contain answers to a homework assignment, but instead contained a graphic video of the teaching assistant engaged in a sexual act.

    Instead it contained a video of the teacher video chatting with another individual and engaging in a number of lewd acts,  according to Total Frat Move, a college humor website.


    Students who are apparently enrolled in the math business class went on Twitter to voice their opinions on the video.

    "Class with the most famous TA in University of Iowa history starts in an hour and a half. Wish me luck! Should I ask for an autograph?," tweeted one student earlier today.

    Another student claimed earlier today when the TA walked into class this morning the entire room went silent.


     A University of Iowa spokesman told Campus Reform this afternoon they are aware of the incident and are looking into the matter.

    "University officials are aware that a teaching assistant sent an email with inappropriate content to students," the spokesman told Campus Reform. "The individual who sent the messages has stated it was an accident, the individual regrets the actions"

    "We will ask those who received the message to delete it, and not to share the files with anyone else. The incident was inappropriate and the university will look into the matter and take appropriate actions under our policies and procedures," he said.

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