Campus Reform's Katherine Timpf demolishes Rolling Stone's reforms for millennials

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A controversial article from Rolling Stone’s Jesse Myerson offered five tired communist reforms that millennials should be fighting for.

Rolling Stone argued in favor of guaranteed work for everybody, social security for all, eliminating private property, making everything owned by everybody, and placing a public bank in every state.

“These things aren't even possible,"   

Disgusted by Myerson’s suggestions Campus Reform reporter Katherine Timpf joined Fox and Friends Sunday morning to analyze the Rolling Stone article.

“These things aren't even possible," Katherine argued,  "[Myerson] is saying we need to guarantee high wages and guarantee zero unemployment.”

“If you force business to pay their workers more, they're not gonna be able to hire more of them. That’s math.”

Earlier this week Campus Reform posted a guest op-ed by Charlie Kirk which argued conservatives must “unapologetically defend economic freedom, capitalism, and free markets,” and oppose Jesse Myerson's “Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For.”

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Duke's Open Campus Coalition is standing up for free speech:

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UC Santa Barbara student ‘wanted to stab’ classmate over conservative op-ed via @campusreform

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@campusreform @Nero “should not be inviting anyone like Yiannopoulos because what we stand for is inclusion and diversity,” The Irony.

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@campusreform someone should offer the same services to him and his family

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@campusreform just anther weak liberal turning to violence trying to make there point

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@PatriotMash @campusreform Goofy white girls... They need help.. Poor dumb white woman... LMAO !!!

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@PatriotMash @campusreform sad weather u agree or disagree u only listening to one side of a controversy will stop any intelectual growth

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@PrisonPlanet @campusreform what's the lefts mantra? No bad tactics, only bad targets. Fucking hippicrits

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Duke students remain committed to fight against political correctness via @campusreform #Libusters