University of Arizona class requires students to participate in 'Condom Olympics'

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  • "Sex, Health, and AIDS" is a three-credit undergraduate course.
  • Professor William Simmons says he prefers an "action learning assignment" over papers and exams.
  • Students at the University of Arizona (UA) were assigned to plan a school-wide “Condom Olympics” for their three-credit “Sex, Health, and AIDS” class.

    The students planned “athletic events such as a condom-wrapped egg toss,” according to The Daily Wildcat, the official student newspaper.

    “Hopefully this will get students comfortable knowing what condoms are.” - Professor William Simmons   

    “Students can also see and make condom art and join a condom scavenger hunt,” the article continues.

    Professor William Simmons told the newspaper that he does not like term papers or exams and prefers an “action learning assignment.”

    “Hopefully this will get students comfortable knowing what condoms are,” he said.

    “Sex, Health, and AIDS” is a three-credit undergraduate course which “sets out to explore this social and disease phenomenon from a number of perspectives,” according to the description on the official course listing website.

    The events were part of the school’s SexTalk Week Resource Fair, which the school hosted on Wednesday, according to a Facebook event.

    “Special appearance by ‘Mr. Condom,’ the giant walking condom, will occur throughout the fair,” the event states.

    Williams did not respond to a request for comment from Campus Reform in time for publication.

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    @campusreform The rule is a tautology. By its own definition, the existence of the act shows willingness for the act. Student logic.

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    @campusreform she gets pissed, says didn't give consent they will arrest the guy. You know like how they arrest people on what someone said

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    @LisaMarieBoothe @campusreform @SummerRatcliff @foxandfriends In a sense, this will corroborate the Austrian school of cause/effect.