UC Berkeley exposes elementary kids to giant penis, 'pin-the-tail on the anus' game

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  • Events were part of UC-Berkeley's celebration of National Condom Week.
  • Games included condom tossing, "pin-the-tail on the anus."
  • A group of elementary and middle school students touring University of California - Berkeley last week were exposed to a man in a giant penis costume and school-sponsored sex games.

    "All day long, little kids were prancing by the dental dam demonstrations, sex-themed games of chance, and the guy in the penis suit," student Claire Chiara said in an interview with Campus Reform Thursday.

    The children were led through the campus quad while Berkeley students were playing “pin-the-tail on the anus” and tossing condoms through holes on a poster board meant to represent vaginas and anuses.

    There was also a man dressed as a giant penis handing out condoms, although he was not permitted to hand them to the children.

    The events were not spontaneous but pre-planned as part of the school’s celebration of National Condom Week.

    "Every day of the week, we have kids aged 6-18 touring our school, which is fantastic — but not during the National Condom Week," Chiara said. "It was poor planning on the part of the Tang Center to put up the Sex Ed tent in front of Sproul Hall, as that is the most popular spot on campus for tour groups to stop."

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    @Ringo6 - 35 min ago

    @smidgean @campusreform This food is actually TexMex. Southwestern cuisine. This isn't what folks in Mexico eat.

    L.E Hutch
    @lehutch12 - 44 min ago

    @campusreform I'm offended by narrow minded liberal thinking at Clemson.

    Levi Sandelin
    @levisandelin - 52 min ago

    Stop serving any Mexican food at #Clemson. STUUUUUUUUUUUUUPID. http://t.co/sOgaYqOWoN via @campusreform @perterjhasson

    Bob Modesitt
    @Scgator1414 - 54 min ago

    UPDATED: Clemson University apologizes for serving Mexican food - Embarrassing! http://t.co/NPNmenX5km via @campusreform

    Carol Vicic
    @CarolVicic - 1 hour ago

    MEXICAN MEXICAN MEXICAN MEXICAN ==> UPDATED: Clemson University apologizes for serving Mexican food http://t.co/xmYII6M3mi via @campusreform

    @shariline - 2 hours ago

    Univ. of Akron will no longer require students to pre-register 'expressive speech' http://t.co/kMyfNGCWC3 via @campusreform

    Smidgean of Truth
    @smidgean - 2 hours ago

    just change the name to "Hot & spicy with a Spanish flair" Still offended, drop the Spanish word. http://t.co/Sd9NtKelSB via @campusreform