Ken Cuccinelli tells Campus Reform that messaging liberty will win the youth vote

Caleb Bonham

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  • Cuccinelli won the youth vote in 2013 by six points.
  • The former Virginia AG says that youth are "pro-freedom more than any other voters."
  • Though former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli lost the race for the governorship of the Old Dominion last November, he did manage an unexpected victory: he won the coveted 18-24 demographic by a wide, six-point gap.

    During a studio interview with Campus Reform Ken Cuccinelli discussed his keys to victory and the persistent question of how conservatives can win the millennial vote.

    “This isn't about healthcare, it’s about liberty.” - Ken Cuccinelli   

    “The youngest voters are the most idealistic,” Cuccinelli said. “For those of us that really, sincerely, focus on principles and reducing the power of government and increasing freedom, that matters to younger voters. They are pro-freedom more than any other voters.”

    Watch: Ken Cuccinelli on winning Millennials. 

    Cuccinelli, who was the first Attorney General to sue the federal government in an attempt to halt the Affordable Care Act, said that the message of liberty and how it affects our lives resonates with millennials, especially when discussing Obamacare.

    “This isn't about healthcare, it’s about liberty,” Cuccinelli said

    “When I explained it in terms of protecting their liberty, they responded. They responded.”

    In November Cuccinelli won 45% of 18-24-year-old vote, Democrat Terry McAuliffe pulled 39%.

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    Caleb Bonham

    Caleb Bonham


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