Notre Dame uses cops to shut down students' traditional marriage table

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  • University officials allegedly called the police on the traditional marriage group.
  • The group was told it had permission to have a table but not to have anyone man it.
  • A family values group at Notre Dame was told to “cease and desist” a traditional marriage table at the Catholic university after administrators allegedly called the police and forced the table to be shut down.

    The student group, Tradition Family Property Student Action, first reported the incident on their website TFP Student Action claiming that “[p]ermission to have a table had been granted through an officially recognized on-campus student group.”

    "Police officers arrived soon after we started giving out pro-family literature and cut the event short.” - John Ritchie   

    “But that permission was revoked for some odd reason. Police officers arrived soon after we started giving out pro-family literature and cut the event short,” said John Ritchie, TFP Student Action director.

    The young Catholic student group was allegedly told by Notre Dame police officers that it had permission to have a table — but nobody had permission to man it.

    “I’m still trying to fully understand why the event was shut down,” said Ritchie. “I was hoping to find a more supportive environment for the Catholic position on marriage.”

    Dennis Brown, a spokesman for the university, told Campus Reform that "The Orestes Brownson Council student group received permission to distribute information on campus last week." 

    "Our policies explicitly state that only members of the University community may organize or lead such events on campus. When university officials learned that, contrary to our policies, the student group made this request on behalf of an outside organization, we asked that they leave."

    "Marriage is the cornerstone of the family, the foundation of society, the future of America," Ritchie told Campus Reform. "But still, anti-family activists want to silence our voices and muzzle 2,000 years of Catholic teaching. It won't happen." 

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