Campus Reform's Katherine Timpf ridicules PC police on 'Stossel'

Sterling Beard
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  • There have been efforts at Dartmouth College, Macalester College, and Duke University which strive to label some language offensive.
  • Campus Reform's Katherine Timpf says students across the country are "terrified."
  • Campus Reform’s Katherine Timpf chatted with Fox Business Network host John Stossel Thursday evening about the effort sweeping the nation’s college campuses to label certain words offensive.

    “Students are terrified. It’s not just the typical things that you think of, ‘oh, that’s offensive.’ ‘You guys’ is even very offensive. You’re supposed to say ‘men, women, and people that don’t conform to those gender binaries,” Timpf said.

    Such attempts to avoid offense , Timpf said, were freezing discourse on campus.

    “[Y]ou can’t criticize, you can’t say anything. And it’s totally destroying this forum of open ideas and free speech that a college is supposed to be so you can learn. What good is all this focus on diversity that these campuses have if you can’t actually hear what anybody has to say for real?” she said.

    WATCH: Katherine chats with John on the movement to make certain idioms forbidden

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    Sterling Beard

    Sterling Beard

    News Editor

    Sterling Beard is Campus Reform's News Editor. Previously, he worked as an Editorial Associate at National Review Online and a Staff Writer at The Hill.

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    Tricia Stall
    @moralsdomatter - 54 min ago

    @campusreform Pls join us & share, "Reason for Hope, Restoring Biblical Principles to Education & Government"

    Molly's Mom
    @WendyYRN - 1 hour ago

    Stanford: Dean for Religious Life claims churches should focus less on religion, more on art via @campusreform

    Ed Watt
    @_hashmark - 2 hours ago

    I emailed the reporter and asked for a correction. I never heard back. via @campusreform

    New Republitarian
    @NuRepublitarian - 2 hours ago

    @567opositive @campusreform @CalebBonham For ex., I have found few liberals even have patience 2 understand distinction btwn say RINOs & TP

    New Republitarian
    @NuRepublitarian - 2 hours ago

    @567opositive @campusreform @CalebBonham They don't even know what it is they're hating. Their brains are not only washed, but dried clean

    @ginathewanderer - 3 hours ago

    @campusreform @NuRepublitarian @CalebBonham # you are not smart enough to hate a republican! Thank God some want a successful life for kids!

    @567opositive - 3 hours ago

    @campusreform @NuRepublitarian @CalebBonham she would not be as bad if she said "establishment republicans and democrats"

    Richard Walters
    @unclerick23 - 3 hours ago

    Stanford: Dean for Religious Life claims churches should focus less on religion, more on art via @campusreform

    Beth C ?
    @bamapachyderm - 5 hours ago

    @campusreform @Harvard I have no need for a Sodastream but I've considered buying one just because the haters are so horrible

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