VIDEO: Professor accuses Bush admin of ignoring levees during Katrina because the levees protected black people

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A professor at the University of California has accused President Bush of taking money away from safeguarding the levees during Hurricane Katrina "because they protected black people."

The video, uploaded by the blog ProgressivesToday, was recorded during the White Privilege Conference that took place March 26-29 in Madison, Wisconsin.

“They took money away from protecting the levees because the levees were protecting Black people.” - Professor John A. Powell   

Professor of Law at Berkeley, John A. Powell, told attendees that, “when the levees broke in New Orleans I got calls from all around the country.”

The calls asked “[w]hat do you think George Bush was thinking? Is he a racist?” Powell’s response, “who knows what he’s thinking. Who knows if he thinks at all?”

Watch the undercover video here:

Professor Powell then brought charges of malicious racism against the Bush Administration claiming “[t]hey took money away from protecting the levees because the levees were protecting Black people.”

Kyle Olson, Editor-in-Chief of ProgressivesToday, objected to Professor Powell's characterization writing, “[t]he failure of the levees rests squarely at the feet of the Army Corps of Engineers for not creating barriers to withstand such a storm. Environmentalists didn’t help when they stymied the Corps’ attempt to build higher walls.”

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@campusreform @lizzyf620 I'm fat - does that make me a tenured professor? Or a guest lecturer, at least? I'll work for Big Macs.

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@campusreform dieting, being healthy, easily avoiding preventable diseases are considered dangerous to "diversity" closer to idiocracy we go