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UC - Berkeley brings in 500 goats to be ‘eco-friendly lawn mowers’

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which is managed by the University of California - Berkeley, brought in 500 goats to be “eco-friendly lawn mowers” this month.

Katherine Timpf Jul 24, 2014 at
12:14 PM EDT

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'Dumpster Professor' moves to phase two of year-long project

The ‘Dumpster Professor’ has now ended the first phase of the sustainability project and will upgrade his dwelling with electricity and air conditioning next month.

Samantha Reinis Jul 22, 2014 at
4:26 PM EDT

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Obama signs anti-discrimination executive order without exempting religious groups, colleges

President Barack Obama signed an executive order on Monday requiring all federal contractors to not exclude people from being hired on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Jul 21, 2014 at
4:37 PM EDT

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Court: University of Texas can use race as factor in admissions

The dissenting judge, Emilio Garza, said the university never “defined its diversity goal in any meaningful way.”

Katherine Timpf Jul 16, 2014 at
5:19 PM EDT

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University funnels state funds into its own foundations

South Carolina State University (SCSU) funneled state funds into two foundations it is affiliated with, a practice that “is inappropriate and needs to cease” according to the state’s inspector general.

Samantha Reinis Jul 11, 2014 at
12:49 PM EDT

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University of Colorado - Boulder spent more than $60K to close campus on 4/20

Students, faculty, and staff had to show a school ID before being allowed on campus.

Katherine Timpf Jul 07, 2014 at
4:55 PM EDT

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Hillary Clinton donates $200K university speaking fees to her own foundation

Clinton’s speaking fees came under scrutiny after an outcry at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, (UNLV) where student leaders asked Clinton to return the fee for her scheduled October visit.

Samantha Reinis Jul 07, 2014 at
12:51 PM EDT

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Free speech group files quartet of lawsuits against speech codes

"Universities' stubborn refusal to relinquish their speech codes must not be tolerated."

Caleb Bonham Jul 03, 2014 at
10:09 AM EDT

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Update: University of California says it isn't banning Uber, other peer-to-peer services

The University of California (UC) system has released a statement clarifying that when it told university employees that they should not be using peer-to-peer services such Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb, it meant it as a suggestion and not a ban.

Katherine Timpf Jun 27, 2014 at
5:20 PM EDT

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Katherine Timpf Jun 25, 2014 at
9:35 AM EDT

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‘Conservative University’ launches ‘Sex, Lies, and Women’s Studies’ class

"Whether the issue be health care, salaries by gender or any of the so-called social issues, the curricula that spawned the alleged ‘war on women’ contains much misinformation."

Katherine Timpf Jun 24, 2014 at
12:05 PM EDT

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UK woman spends government-funded $17K student loan on plastic surgery

The government will require Christodoulou to start repaying the loan once she earns more than $16,910. If she can’t repay it within 25 years after that, it gets written off — at the taxpayers’ expense.

Katherine Timpf Jun 23, 2014 at
3:43 PM EDT

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App maker: Harvard has three million fake ‘Likes’ on Facebook

Harvard’s most engaged members are not from the Cambridge area—but in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Lauren Clark Jun 19, 2014 at
5:13 PM EDT

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Students granted perfect scores after professor shoots at vacuum salesmen

A Central Michigan University professor has been released after allegedly shooting at two vacuum salesmen who came to his Fremont Township residence on June 5th.

Lauren Clark Jun 18, 2014 at
3:04 PM EDT

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Andrew W.K. teaches Oxford students the importance of partying

As school lets out for the summer, renowned musician Andrew W.K. imparted some of his wisdom on college students at Oxford University—the importance of partying.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Jun 18, 2014 at
12:12 PM EDT

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Starbucks partners with Arizona State to offer discounted, reimbursed tuition

Caffeine isn’t the only thing you can get at Starbucks these days; now the coffee chain is offering discounted and fully reimbursed tuition.

Samantha Reinis Jun 16, 2014 at
5:56 PM EDT

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Sugar Daddy University to educate Manhattan on sex, money

Tonight—and tonight only—a new school opens its doors in Manhattan.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Jun 11, 2014 at
5:06 PM EDT

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Judge orders public university to pay legal fees for professor who was denied promotion for being Christian

A judge has ordered a public university in North Carolina to pay $700,000 in legal fees for a professor who was denied a promotion because of his conservative Christian views.

Katherine Timpf Jun 11, 2014 at
4:06 PM EDT

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Confederate Naval Jack in university chapel protected, South Carolina AG says

Last week, Councilman Henry Darby, who is African-American, described the flag as “a very divisive symbol that’s being supported by tax dollars,” and subsequently threatened to pull nearly $1 million in funding from the school if it was not removed.

Lauren Cooley Jun 10, 2014 at
2:13 PM EDT

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Stanford professor arrested for attempting to bring WWII-era grenade on plane

A Stanford professor was arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for possession of a “destructive device” last week.

Samantha Reinis Jun 10, 2014 at
12:31 PM EDT

Photo by Wikimedia Commons user MrX.
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Florida governor signs bill granting in-state tuition for undocumented students

"With this legislation, higher education became more affordable and more accessible to all Floridians."

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Jun 09, 2014 at
6:39 PM EDT

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Poll: Youth say American Dream unobtainable

More than half of young adults ages 18-34 say the American Dream is impossible to achieve, according to a new CNN money poll.

Lauren Clark Jun 09, 2014 at
2:50 PM EDT
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Letty Burgin Jun 06, 2014 at
4:43 PM EDT

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University cuts credit hours to become cheaper while raising tuition

“To improve our graduation rate, we have to eliminate barriers to students’ graduating on time.”

Lauren Cooley Jun 05, 2014 at
3:36 PM EDT

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Georgia Attorney General rules out concealed carry on campus

Starting July 1, licensed gun owners in Georgia will not have the freedom to bring their weapons to college campuses.

Samantha Reinis Jun 04, 2014 at
1:49 PM EDT

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Duke student expelled for sex assault accusations, sues for his diploma

A senior at Duke University is suing the university for his $250,000 degree after allegations of sexual assault led to his expulsion.

Samantha Reinis Jun 03, 2014 at
12:44 PM EDT

Photo via the Ben Sasse Facebook page.
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Sasse to resign as Midland University president following Senate primary victory

After a critical win in the Republican primary for a Nebraska Senate seat, Ben Sasse has resigned as Midland University’s president.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn May 28, 2014 at
12:22 PM EDT

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Harvard professor, Obama aide fight super PACs by creating a super PAC

A Harvard law professor plans to limit the amount of big money influencing politics—ironically, with his own political action committee (PAC).

Kaitlyn Schallhorn May 23, 2014 at
1:31 PM EDT

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‘Walk of Shame Shuttle’ to offer riders chance to air confessions on national TV

University of Michigan (UM) students no longer have to endure the “walk of shame,” plodding back to their own dwelling after romantically spend the night at their lover’s dorm abode. Now, they can hitch a quick ride and end up on national TV to boot.

Samantha Reinis May 23, 2014 at
9:44 AM EDT

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Colorado university class teaches students how to grow weed

“Rocky Mountain High” just took on a new meaning.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn May 15, 2014 at
11:18 AM EDT

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Student forced off school blog because someone labeled him a ‘rapist’ on a bathroom wall

The mysterious and incessant lists of alleged rapists popping up all over Columbia University’s campus have already had an effect.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn May 14, 2014 at
1:36 PM EDT

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Nearly 100 Cornell student groups must prove they are trying to be more 'diverse' before they get funding

More than 100 student groups at Cornell University now must prove they are taking steps to be more “diverse” — such as trying to convince minorities to join — before they can get funding from the school’s Student Assembly (SA) Finance Commission.

Katherine Timpf May 08, 2014 at
12:16 PM EDT

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KU grad students turn to union for protection from Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act requires employers to provide health insurance to employees working 30 or more hours per week — and KU has announced it may limit students’ to 20 hours per week in order to avoid the cost.

Katherine Timpf May 07, 2014 at
4:08 PM EDT

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Univ. of Chicago professors want Chinese-controlled institute discontinued

More than 100 professors at the University of Chicago (UC) are demanding the school discontinue its Confucius Institute (CIUC), a Chinese government-affiliated organization that they say promotes censorship and prohibits academic autonomy.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn May 06, 2014 at
11:39 AM EDT

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Students outraged after two Arizona schools hike student fees

Students will be paying hundreds of dollars more on top of tuition.

Lauren Clark May 05, 2014 at
2:24 PM EDT

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Graduate students move to unionize nationwide

College football teams aren't the only students who want to unionize.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn May 05, 2014 at
12:44 PM EDT

Photo of Tressel via Erik Thureson.
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Ex-Ohio State football coach now presidential finalist at two universities

Jim Tressel may have violated NCAA regulations while head football coach at The Ohio State University, but that hasn’t stopped him from making the shortlist of multiple Ohio universities’ presidential searches.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn May 02, 2014 at
11:04 AM EDT

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Ephs blast selection of Bloomberg for commencement

Students at Williams College exercised their right to free speech last week to protest Michael Bloomberg’s impending commencement address.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Apr 30, 2014 at
4:26 PM EDT

Pic via @Danielle_Lasker.
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Protest calls on University of Georgia president to denounce ban on illegal immigrant students

“We are here representing the thousands of undocumented students across the state of Georgia who cannot attend UGA simply because they don’t have a social security number."

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Apr 30, 2014 at
11:48 AM EDT

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WATCH: Graduating student launches into YouTube infamy with face-planting backflip fail

While most college students jump for joy when they graduate, one Davenport University student took his celebration to the next level.

Sterling Beard Apr 29, 2014 at
2:17 PM EDT

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Iowa college announces that Obamacare will force hike in student health insurance costs

Administrators at Grinnell College in Iowa have announced that Obamacare requirements have left them with no choice but to charge students more for health insurance in the upcoming school year.

Katherine Timpf Apr 29, 2014 at
9:41 AM EDT

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Washington state lawmakers band together to ask for WWU president’s resignation

Several Washington House Republicans have called for Western Washington University’s president resignation after making controversial comments about the racial makeup of the university.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Apr 25, 2014 at
4:52 PM EDT

Nevada logo via
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Flier circulating UNR’s campus touts fake Sarah Palin visit, uses sex line for ticket sales

“Welcome ladies! Here’s your chance to get busy with hot guys in your area and across the country.”

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Apr 25, 2014 at
2:00 PM EDT

Via @anna_bahr.
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Columbia University dining staff promotes sexual violence prevention with sheet cake

A day before 23 students filed a federal complaint against the school for failing to properly handle sexual assault cases, Columbia University tackled sexual violence prevention by providing a sheet cake to students in the dining hall.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Apr 25, 2014 at
11:50 AM EDT

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White House misses yet another deadline, plans 'special event' instead

The White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault was supposed to present its findings on April 21.

Kaitlyn Schallorn Apr 24, 2014 at
5:37 PM EDT

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Public university publishes guide to its gender neutral restrooms

Six students at the University of South Carolina (USC) created a Gender Neutral Resource Guide that is on display at the university’sMulticultural Student Affairs website.

Lauren Cooley Apr 23, 2014 at
11:35 AM EDT

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Report: Americans aren’t getting what they pay for when it comes to higher education

A new report from the American Council of Trustees and Alumni shows that Americans aren’t getting their money’s worth when it comes to 52 leading institutions of higher education.

Sterling Beard Apr 22, 2014 at
5:10 PM EDT

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U.S. Supreme Court upholds Michigan’s ban on affirmative action

Seven other states have similar bans on affirmative action.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Apr 22, 2014 at
12:10 PM EDT

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WWU President: 'We will not waste a moment's time' responding to ‘extremist media’ and ‘hate mongers’

“As was carefully explained in the blog, the word choice was intentional, intended to provoke attention to some basic demographics facts of life: for Washington, for Western.”

Kaitlyn Schallhorn Apr 18, 2014 at
3:10 PM EDT

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