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UMich 'pronoun committee' announces change to class rosters

Students at the University of Michigan may now designate preferred pronouns on class rosters, following a year-long effort by the UM “pronoun committee.”

Toni Airaksinen Sep 29, 2016 at
5:08 PM EDT

'Capitalism is the problem,' CCSU socialists claim

Central Connecticut State University will be hosting an all-day event on the evils of capitalism and the benefits of a socialist alternative, explicitly claiming that “capitalism is the problem” with society.

Anthony Gockowski Sep 29, 2016 at
3:29 PM EDT

Cornell referendum on men's room tampons passes in landslide

Cornell students passed a student-sponsored referendum to provide free tampons and pads in all Cornell bathrooms, with 78.6 percent of 3,034 voting students casting a ballot in favor.

Laura Gunderson Sep 29, 2016 at
1:41 PM EDT

UNC student panel praises safe spaces for First Amendment Day

Students at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill marked First Amendment Day with a panel discussion about trigger warnings, safe spaces, and privilege.

Tyler Arnold Sep 29, 2016 at
11:55 AM EDT

Speedo Hike cancelled amid 'body image,' 'bro-iness' concerns

The outdoors club of the Claremont Colleges has cancelled its annual Speedo Hike due to concerns regarding body positivity and "privilege."

Steven Glick Sep 29, 2016 at
10:19 AM EDT

App State: Constitution not 'absolute,' speech bans OK

Appalachian State University is arguing that the First Amendment is not "absolute" in order to justify a chalking ban.

Anthony Gockowski Sep 29, 2016 at
8:35 AM EDT

Former college admin caught stealing Trump yard signs

Donald Trump campaign signs were stolen from a man’s lawn by the former vice president of a small college.

Tyler Arnold Sep 28, 2016 at
3:02 PM EDT

TAMU students demand mandatory ‘anti-racism’ course

A group of student activists at Texas A&M University is demanding that the school incorporate a mandatory anti-racism class into the core curriculum.

Anthony Gockowski Sep 28, 2016 at
11:15 AM EDT

Female student attacked for wearing Trump hat on campus

A female college student was assulted by a male classmate for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat shortly before Monday night’s debate.

Caleb Ecarma and Kassy Dillon Sep 28, 2016 at
10:07 AM EDT

Opinion: Redefining the right: this is what a conservative looks like

"[Since] I 'came out' as a conservative, I have felt constant, fervent scorn and condemnation from my peers..."

Rebecca Malone Sep 28, 2016 at
10:04 AM EDT

Harambe lives at Clemson University

Clemson has backtracked on a policy forbidding students from posting Harambe memes on their doors after one administrator said the memes “add to rape culture.”

Amber Athey Sep 27, 2016 at
9:03 PM EDT

Campus cops confuse public and private while evicting TPUSA

A conservative activist was kicked off Miami Dade College’s Kendall Campus and told, falsely, that she was on private property.

Amber Athey Sep 27, 2016 at
7:23 PM EDT

Mizzou allows 'preferred names' on IDs, avoids 'safety hazard'

Mizzou students may now use their preferred names on school IDs, and even their diplomas, as part of an effort to promote gender inclusivity.

Anthony Gockowski Sep 27, 2016 at
2:35 PM EDT

Crucifix, Trump chalkings reported as 'hate incidents' at UW-L

A report released by the UW-La Crosse’s “Hate Response Team” shows that nearly one in 10 reported incidents were determined to be fake.

Anthony Gockowski Sep 27, 2016 at
1:36 PM EDT

NMU threatens expulsion for discussing 'self-destructive' thoughts

Northern Michigan University routinely sends letters warning students not to discuss “suicidal or self-destructive thoughts or actions” with their peers.

Tyler Arnold Sep 27, 2016 at
11:15 AM EDT

Safe space 'conversation' 'not intended to be an open discussion’

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County is hosting a “community safe space" "conversation" that "is not intended to be an open discussion or debate."

Anthony Gockowski Sep 27, 2016 at
8:57 AM EDT

KU TA: YAF prez 'garbage human being, 'motherf***er'

"[C]an’t wait to see you walking on campus with that red armband."

Cam Westbrook Sep 26, 2016 at
4:46 PM EDT

KU multicultural student gov demands ‘social justice education’ in all classes

A “Multicultural Student Government” is demanding that its administration “introduce social justice education into all classrooms” because many “marginalized students” literally “struggle to survive.”

Anthony Gockowski Sep 26, 2016 at
4:18 PM EDT

UCLA lectures freshmen on inclusive language, social justice

A UCLA event that was heavily encouraged for first-year students suggested that black students may fall victim to police brutality and told students to make sure they use inclusive language.

Katie Arnold Sep 26, 2016 at
2:58 PM EDT

GWU awards 'diversity graduation cords' for completing workshops

The George Washington University is now offering a “diversity graduation cord” to students who complete at least eight weekly training sessions this year.

Peter Van Voorhis Sep 26, 2016 at
2:22 PM EDT

Clemson bans Harambe memes for promoting 'rape culture,' 'racism'

A Clemson administrator sent an email to Resident Advisors (RAs) Friday instructing them to demand that freshman remove all Harambe references from dorm hallways and windows.

Caleb Ecarma Sep 26, 2016 at
11:25 AM EDT

Wisconsin to create Black Cultural Center 'safe space'

"If [they] end up saying ‘we have our own theories, our own beliefs, and it’s up to you to agree with us'...that would be bad."

Tyler Arnold Sep 26, 2016 at
10:09 AM EDT

KU bars gorillas from jungle-theme decoration due to 'masculine image'

An RA at the University of Kansas was advised against incorporating an image of a gorilla into a jungle-themed floor decoration because the animal apparently represents “a very masculine image.”

Anthony Gockowski Sep 26, 2016 at
9:27 AM EDT

The Weekly Roundup: America the triggering

Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, try to shut ‘em up, right?

Campus Reform Staff Sep 26, 2016 at
8:33 AM EDT

Pro-life students accosted, again, at Ohio University

Members of Students for Life at Ohio University were approached three times and told to stop passing out pro-life postcards to their fellow students on Friday.

Tyler Arnold Sep 26, 2016 at
7:57 AM EDT

UH prof agrees to hand out 'emotional first-aid kits,' balks at pacifiers

James O’Keefe gets professor to agree to help him hand out blankets, stuffed animals to college students.

Sydney Hutchison Sep 24, 2016 at
11:43 AM EDT

Mizzou Race Relations Committee debates inclusivity vs free speech

The Mizzou Race Relations Committee has released its progress report, which says white people “don’t get” or “don’t see” racism experienced by their non-white counterparts.

Victoria Stroup Sep 23, 2016 at
4:25 PM EDT

UNCW defends free expression after prof destroys Trump chalkings

The University of North Carolina at Wilmington is responding to a professor’s vandalism of pro-Trump chalkings by reminding the community that contrary opinions are not threats.

Autumn Price Sep 23, 2016 at
3:56 PM EDT

Satirical subtitle contest lampoons liberals through literature

The National Association of Scholars has introduced a new contest, and is inviting readers submit satirical, politically correct subtitles for classic literature works.

Amber Athey Sep 23, 2016 at
2:18 PM EDT
Image via Twitter (@VAAAAAAASSS)

Conservative columnist fired from Mizzou student paper

A conservative columnist was fired from the University of Missouri’s student newspaper after writing a column that criticized the Black Lives Matter movement.

Tyler Arnold Sep 23, 2016 at
12:47 PM EDT

SJW's overrun YAF meeting to protest 'feelings' remark

A YAF chapter meeting at the University of Kansas was disrupted by agitated students after the group's president said "facts don't care about feelings."

Kassy Dillon Sep 23, 2016 at
11:22 AM EDT

BLM flag flying alongside American flag at UVM

The University of Vermont’s Burlington campus is flying a Black Lives Matter flag alongside both the American and state flags.

Anthony Gockowski Sep 23, 2016 at
9:19 AM EDT

NCAA leans on school officials to sign diversity pledge

The NCAA is "encouraging" administrators in all three athletic divisions to sign their names to a “diversity and inclusion pledge.”

Anthony Gockowski Sep 22, 2016 at
3:23 PM EDT
Melissa Click, the former Mizzou professor who was caught on video calling for

Majority of HBCU students favor evicting media from protests

A new Gallup poll finds that a majority of students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) favor limiting the ability of the media to cover campus protests.

Amber Athey Sep 22, 2016 at
1:18 PM EDT

Illegal immigrants sue U of Georgia for denying them admission

The University System of Georgia is being sued by three illegal immigrants over a policy requiring all students to be lawfully present in the country.

Anthony Gockowski Sep 22, 2016 at
11:25 AM EDT

Northwestern prez: only ‘idiots,’ ‘lunatics’ oppose safe spaces

The president of Northwestern University promised to provide “safe spaces” for students in his convocation speech, snidely criticizing anyone who disagrees.

Tyler Arnold Sep 22, 2016 at
10:06 AM EDT
Vandals erasing and/or replacing pro-Trump messages (courtesy, Augustana College Republicans)

Augustana cracks down on speech after 'threatening' Trump chalkings

Augustana College has created a “free expression zone” on its campus in response to a string of pro-Trump chalkings, even though the school’s own policies prohibit such limitations.

Anthony Gockowski Sep 21, 2016 at
4:21 PM EDT

Professor destroys pro-Trump chalkings, brags on social media

A professor at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington erased pro-Trump chalkings written by students on the campus.

Autumn Price Sep 21, 2016 at
1:41 PM EDT
Image via The Cornell Review

Cornell football coach apologizes for tweeting sombrero photo

A Cornell University football coach has been forced to issue an apology for the “cultural insensitivity” of tweeting a photo of two players wearing sombreros.

Casey Breznick Sep 21, 2016 at
10:45 AM EDT

UNC editors bemoan 'privatization' caused by university rankings

Comparing UNC-Chapel Hill to other universities is a “grandiose [display] of privatization,” according to the editors of the student newspaper.

Tyler Arnold Sep 21, 2016 at
10:07 AM EDT

America-themed BBQ 'considered offensive' at Ramapo

Student groups at Ramapo College were recently forced to change the theme of an “American BBQ” because the administration deemed it too “offensive.”

Amber Athey Sep 20, 2016 at
4:20 PM EDT

Ray LaMontagne cancels UT show over campus carry 'concerns'

Ray LaMontagne has cancelled a show in Austin, Texas over the state’s campus carry law, but played a show earlier this year in North Carolina.

Anthony Gockowski Sep 20, 2016 at
2:17 PM EDT

Mock Pledge of Allegiance kicks off Hofstra Latinx month

Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month kicked off at Hofstra with a slam poem titled “But All Lives Matter” and a speech from Sulma Arzu-Brown, author of “Pelo Malo No Existe” (Bad Hair Does Not Exist).

Amber Athey Sep 20, 2016 at
1:43 PM EDT

College Dems official: disinvite Milo from 'Bama

"['Bama must help stem] hatred, and that if that means banning a 31-year-old misogynistic child from campus, then so be it."

Kassy Dillon Sep 20, 2016 at
1:19 PM EDT
Screenshot from video of

SFSU plans 'Afro-themed' housing in wake of dreadlock confrontation

San Francisco State University has revealed plans to establish “Afro-themed” floors in residence halls following a confrontation between students last year over “cultural appropriation.”

Chris Nuelle Sep 20, 2016 at
11:16 AM EDT

Ithaca students demand diversity forums, then fail to attend

Ithaca College launched a weekly diversity discussion circle in response to last fall’s student demands, but not a single student attended either of the first two sessions.

Anthony Gockowski Sep 20, 2016 at
10:52 AM EDT

Harvard prof: Trump a 'predator' for 'scapegoating' Mexicans

Donald Trump and his supporters are accustomed to being derided as racists, but one Harvard professor has taken things a step further, calling Trump a “predator” in the mold of a Spanish conquistador.

Tyler Arnold Sep 20, 2016 at
10:02 AM EDT

Princeton trims down language guide following national criticism

Princeton University has redacted several portions of its “gender inclusive language” guide after facing national criticism for banning the word “man” from all of its HR publications.

Anthony Gockowski Sep 19, 2016 at
1:43 PM EDT

Cornell students to decide whether to '#FreetheTampon'

Free tampons may be on the way to all bathrooms on Cornell’s campus—men’s included.

Laura Gunderson Sep 19, 2016 at
1:13 PM EDT
Image via YouTube: CreatedEqualFilms

Masked, club-wielding assailant attacks OU pro-life display

A masked abortion advocate attacked a student group’s pro-life display on Friday, battering their signs with a wooden club and appearing to threaten a pro-life activist.

Amber Athey Sep 19, 2016 at
12:19 PM EDT
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