YAL at UNCC attacked with libelous chalk messages

  • Libelous chalk messages about the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at UNCC were written on walls by an unknown source.

Early Tuesday morning, members of the University of North Carolina- Charlotte were alerted to chalked messages on the side of a campus building.

The message read, ““Let us talk you into eugenics!! –YOUNG Americans for Liberty.” Christopher Nosko, the President of the Young American’s for Liberty at the university responded by washing the chalk off the wall.

That afternoon, someone had rewritten the same message with an additional “(cause we’re racist)” on the wall. Again, the message was washed from the wall.

Finally, when Nosko went to leave campus at the end of the day he saw the final message - “Who keeps erasing this? We’re Young Americans for Liberty, and we LOVE white supremacy!”

Nosko complained to the Student Government Association, who said that it was against the rules to chalk vertical surfaces. However, other than washing away the messages there was not much they could do.

Nosko told Campus Reform that no one has taken credit for the chalked messages, but he suspects a new socialist group on campus. The only other clue was similar messages attacking Bernie Sanders for being capitalist, stating “If you think Bernie Sanders is a socialist, you might be confusing socialism with capitalism. Direct Action is best action!”

“Since we haven’t brought up race or eugenics in any meetings, we’re not sure why we were targeted”, said Nosko. “My personal theory is that there may be a new college socialist group on campus, and they’re trying to discredit us or trying to draw us into mudslinging.”

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Caitlin Grimes
Caitlin Grimes | North Carolina Campus Correspondent

Caitlin Grimes is a North Carolina Campus Correspondent, and reports liberal bias and abuse for Campus Reform. She is currently a graduate student studying communications at North Carolina State University.

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