University of California employees among top contributors to Kamala Harris' former presidential campaign

  • A Campus Reform analysis found that employees at the University of California were among the top contributors to Kamala Harris’ 2020 presidential campaign, giving more than $62,000.
  • Meanwhile, individual contributions to President Donald Trump from employees at UC amounted to less than $20,000.

Employees at the University of California were some of the top contributors to Sen. Kamala Harris' 2020 presidential campaign, according to an analysis of Federal Election Commission Data by Campus Reform.

University of California employees individually donated $62,106.32 to Harris’ 2020 presidential campaign, making UC employees the third-largest source of individual donations to her presidential bid. UC employees contributed more than those who work for Comcast, Kaiser Permanente, Apple, Disney, and Microsoft.

Employees at the University of California gave more than double to Harris' presidential campaign than did Microsoft employees.

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In comparison, employees at the University of California gave $18,216.52 to President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

"UC admins and professors have time and time again proven themselves to be more concerned with leftist indoctrination than diversity of thought or the safety of students."   

Administrators within the University of California, systemwide, gave $13,876.59 to her campaign, and faculty members gave $28,499.32. Staff members gave $19,730.41.

In a statement made to Campus Reform, California College Republicans Communications Director Dylan Martin said “it is no surprise” that UC employees are the top contributors to these campaigns.

“UC admins and professors have time and time again proven themselves to be more concerned with leftist indoctrination than diversity of thought or the safety of students. The re-election of President Trump would mean continued scrutiny on their unethical practices, so it makes sense they’d seek to hide and continue business as usual under a Biden-Harris Admin," Martin told Campus Reform

He continued by saying “the donations to Harris are especially interesting considering she disparaged the UC system’s main demographic at a speech in which she said ‘what do we know about the population, 18-24? They are stupid! They make really bad decisions!’ The really bad decision here seems to be supporting a candidate that hates your source of funding and the reason you have a job.”

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Based on data collected by the National Association of Scholars, the University of California’s ratio of donations to Democrats compared with Republicans is quite common among universities in America. According to the organization’s study, which sampled 12,372 professors across the country, there were “10,260 nondonors, 2,081 Democratic donors, 22 Republican donors, and 9 donors to both parties across both election cycles.”

Other results from the study found that the overall donation ratio between Democratic and Republican candidates was 95:1, meaning “the donations are almost exclusively to Democratic candidates and committees” and that “donations are skewed in favor of the Democrats.”

Harris has ties to the University of California. Her mother conducted research at UC-Berkeley's Department of Zoology and Cancer Research Lab. Harris herself is an alumnus of the University of California, where she graduated from the Hastings College of the Law in 1989.

Campus Reform reached out to the University of California for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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