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The Leadership Institute's Campus Reform Faculty Contributor Program cultivates relationships with faculty experts and opinion leaders to offer solutions to liberal bias and abuse on college campuses. Opinions are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Leadership Institute or Campus Reform.


Nicholas Giordano
Nicholas Giordano | Faculty Contributor, SUNY-Suffolk

Nicholas Giordano is a Professor of Political Science at Suffolk Community College and host of The P.A.S. Report Podcast. Recognized and well-respected for his analysis, Professor Giordano appears on radio and television to provide analysis on current issues and trends within government, politics, international relations, education, homeland security/emergency management, and social/cultural related issues. In addition, he is regularly called on to speak at events to provide expertise on critical issues facing the United States. It is Professor Giordano’s passion that led him to start The P.A.S. Report. Sick of an activist news media that wants to dictate how to think, Professor Giordano started The P.A.S. Report because of his unique ability to breakdown complex political issues and explain those issues in a way to appeal to everyday Americans. By introducing facts, a conservative perspective, and quality analysis, the listeners can come to their own conclusions. Prior to becoming a full-time tenured Professor, Nicholas Giordano served as a Catastrophic Planning Lead for the New York State Office of Emergency Management (NYS OEM) within the Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services and coordinated response activities with local and federal emergency management officials. He served as a liaison between New York State, local governments and federal departments/agencies. Professor Giordano’s accomplishments are far-reaching and include senior leadership during response operations, maintaining situational awareness, and leading a number of planning initiatives so that EM officials more effectively prepare for, respond to, and recover from an incident.

Jeffrey Mann
Jeffrey Mann | Faculty Contributor, Susquehanna University

Jeffrey Mann is a professor of religious studies at Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania.

Nicole Neily
Nicole Neily | President and Founder, Speech First

Nicole Neily is the president and founder of Speech First, a nationwide membership association that defends students' rights primarily through litigation. She has worked in public policy advocacy for over a decade, serving as president of the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity and as executive director of the Independent Women's Forum, among other roles. She received her bachelor of arts degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and her master's degree in public policy from Pepperdine University's School of Public Policy, where she currently serves on their board of visitors. She lives in Arlington, Virginia with her husband and two children.

Michael Rectenwald
Michael Rectenwald | Faculty Contributor, New York University

Michael Rectenwald is a former New York University professor.

Stuart Reges
Stuart Reges | Faculty Contributor, University of Washington

Stuart Reges is a principal lecturer of computer science at the University of Washington.

John Staddon
John Staddon | Faculty Contributor, Duke University

John Staddon is James B. Duke Professor of Psychology, and Professor of Biology and Neurobiology, Emeritus, at Duke University. He got his PhD in Experimental Psychology at Harvard University and also did research at the MIT Systems Lab. and taught at the University of Toronto. He has done research at Oxford University (UK), the University of São Paulo at Riberão Preto, the University of Mexico, the Ruhr Universität, Universität Konstanz, the University of Western Australia and was an honorary visiting professor at the University of York (UK). He has published more than 200 research papers, six books most recently Scientific Method: How science works, fails to work and pretends to work (Routledge, 2017).

Cessna Winslow
Cessna Winslow | Faculty Contributor, Tarleton State University

Cessna Winslow is an assistant professor of communications at Tarleton State University.