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Lawrence B. Jones is a Fox News Contributor. Prior to joining Fox News, Lawrence was the Editor-In-Chief at Campus Reform, he also previously hosted his own radio show on TheBlaze Radio Network and served as a Contributing Host for TheBlaze TV.

Jones is a frequent co-host for Outnumbered and guest host for The Five, as well a correspondent for Hannity. Lawrence also regularly shares commentary on Fox Business, CNN, BBC, Sky News, and MSNBC.

Lawrence consistently goes after the hard-hitting and untold stories. In 2016, he sat down for an exclusive interview with the parents of Micah Johnson, the Dallas shooter from the deadliest police ambush in American history. After refusing to speak to the media, the family sought out Lawrence personally to tell their story.

In 2013, he worked as an investigative journalist, playing a pivotal role in exposing corruption in the Affordable Care Act marketplace. His investigative work was instrumental in bringing reform to the funding of the Affordable Care Act’s Navigator program and earned him the FreedomWorks 2013 Activist of the Year Award.

Lawrence is honored to be on Red Alert's 30 Under 30 and Newsmax's 30 Most Influential Republicans Under 30 lists.


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