VIDEO: Antifa takes on Columbia College Republican board

New York City’s Antifa coalition continues to dox and vaguely threaten the Executive Board members of Columbia University’s College Republicans chapter while the school remains silent.

Campus Reform reported recently that flyers were found on campus with the headshot, title, and name of Columbia University College Republicans (CUCR) Director of Operations Joey Siegel, encouraging passersby to “let him know what you think.”

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But now Campus Reform has learned that the entire CUCR executive board has been threatened in precisely the same way, with similar flyers appearing around campus ahead of the CUCR-sponsored Mike Cernovich event.

“Here are the fliers identifying Executive Board members of [CUCR], who are inviting fascist speakers to their campus, New York City’s Antifa branch declared in a recent call to action, adding sneeringly that "these students appear to be entitled rich kids, padding their resumes for future jobs at hedge funds."

"If you see these people tell them what you think,” the post urges supporters, goading them on by speculating that the CR members "never thought they would have to face consequences for inviting fascists to speak on their campus."

The Executive Branch consists of eight Republicans, four of whom are women, and Antifa suggested that its supporters let each of them “know what you think.”

“The College Republicans have invited Mike Cernovich to speak on Columbia's campus on October 30. Cernovich believes that diversity is ‘code for white genocide,’ harrasses women online, hates Muslim, and has been charged with rape,” each flyer alleges.

The flyers neglect to mention, however, that Cernovich is just one of many speakers, representing a wide variety of viewpoints, that the club has invited to campus this, including Herman Cain, Dennis Prager, and Columbia University professor Mark Lilla.

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Campus Reform spoke with a New York City Antifa supporter who shared the fliers online, and while the person said they could “understand why some might feel threatened by the post, especially women, given the recent headlines about sexual violence in our society,” they still “don’t have sympathy” for CUCR.

“If they feel threatened, I would ask them to consider the fact that people of color, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQIA folks, etc. feel threatened to an infinitely larger degree every moment of their lives now,” the Antifa member added, saying it’s “our duty to defend ourselves against their aggression.”

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“As a tactic, [violence] should be debated, but our entire way of life is maintained through violence—US military action, police killing Black people, paying rent, and speeches by Mike Cernovich,” the Antifa supporter concluded.

Campus Reform has reached out to Columbia numerous times for a comment on the situation, but has yet to receive a response. At press time, the CUCR executives say the administration had not yet offered to take any precautionary measures to ensure their security.

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