Student gov to consider mandatory diversity course after protests

Texas State University’s Student Government is set to hold a joint session Monday in an effort to address the grievances made by student demonstrators last week.

The announcement was made by the dean of students on Twitter and comes as a response to a group of protesters who have occupied the LBJ Student Center since Wednesday, demanding that officials oust the student body president who escaped impeachment.

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“In order to respond to their student constituencies, Student Government is cancelling their annual banquet and will be holding a joint session on Monday at 7:00 PM in the LBJ Teaching Theater,” the dean of students tweeted Friday. 

The sit-in began shortly after the Student Government failed to meet quorum on the impeachment of controversial Student Government President Connor Clegg on Wednesday.

Clegg, notably, first sparked backlash after calling to defund the student newspaper for running an op-ed telling “white people” that “your DNA is an abomination.” 

Texas State President Denise Trauth also issued a lengthy statement on Friday, acknowledging  that the student senators’ decision not to attend the impeachment trial was “wrong, as it undermines the integrity of our student government processes.” 

While the head administrator encouraged Student Government to examine its procedures and evaluate ways to “hold its members accountable for their actions,” she did indicate that the university will make a unilateral move to oust Clegg.

Also on Friday, the protesters issued an additional list of demands, vowing to continue their occupation of the student center until they have all been met. 

“There is a broad misconception that this sit-in is solely dedicated to the removal of student body representatives,” the students wrote. “Rather, this is a response to years of discrimination and complacency of the university in addressing student needs.”

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“In addition to our course of action, there have been numerous efforts to maintain communication with the administration,” the protesters continued. “Yet, all we have received are empty promises and there has been no contact with the greater student body to acknowledge the neglect of students.”

The document, obtained by Campus Reform, goes on to list five specific demands, including a published action plan for  “providing students with a full-time immigration attorney,” “establishing a Black Studies minor,” instituting diversity courses into the core curriculum,” “the formation of a task force… to address further issues of the cultural climate,” and “the denouncement and removal of Texas State’s Student Body president.”

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