EXCLUSIVE: Anonymously accused concealed carry student has to disarm... just to take final exams

A student suspended for a semester by the University of North Texas, Dallas Law School as a result of an anonymous student claiming he threatened a professor, filed a legal petition to request a temporary restraining order, which would allow him to attend classes and take his final exams. 

The student, Brandon Masin, told Campus Reform that the court order only grants him permission to take his final exams and that he is still suspended for the semester. Masin, who conceal-carried on campus, could only take his exams at the university police station and had to agree not to carry his firearm during the testing.

“I still can't actually access the law school to study for finals or talk to my professors about it," Masin said. “The judge said that absolutely nothing will happen for this week and a half so I have time to just prepare for and take finals since if the court case made me fail those it would all be moot anyway." 

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Masin's petition to the court alleges that UNT Director of Community Standards and Title IX Coordinator Adalyn Burger violated the student's rights, stating that “Burger’s method of reaching this decision inappropriately shifted the burden onto the Plaintiff to disprove the allegation rather than being on herself to prove the allegation.”

“Burger’s own evidence that she admits formed the basis of her decision can only be defined as being arbitrarily reached given the absolute lack of objective evidence, the purposeful evasiveness she employed in ignoring the numerous complaints Plaintiff issued about the process she was employing and the hindrance imposed on him by it, the rushed decision she issued only one day after meeting with the plaintiff and being directly apprised of conflicting evidence and testimony and the specific disregard she showed for Plaintiff’s rights in the process,” the petition continues.

It later states that the university provided no evidence to Masin or otherwise that the event occurred.

“The university has at no point issued any evidence of a violation even taking place beyond the mere fact that an allegation was made. The university has at no point given even a scintilla of objective evidence or reasoning to justify the immediate suspension of the Plaintiff or in any way articulate any objective reasoning or evidence on how he presents a threat to the University beyond citing an unconfirmed allegation of an off-campus statement," the petition says.

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Masin said that he intends to continue his legal battle against UNT Dallas and the student who accused him after the fall 2018 semester, telling Campus Reform, asserting that there "will be a trial to get the court to issue a permanent injunction preventing the school from acting on this as well as a declaration that it is illegal for the school to punish me in any way when I sue the student who made the allegation for defamation.”

Masin told Campus Reform that he has not been made aware of who his accusers are, adding that he "found out essentially just through rumors getting back to me but not from the school directly.” 

Masin told Campus Reform that his next plan of action “will be emailing the [Attorney General] after I take the last final to get something in writing from the school regarding the assignments I missed so those don't count against me otherwise that'll be the next thing we're arguing in court over.”

Burger did not respond to a request for comment in time for press.

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