Will Florida pull the trigger on campus carry?

A Republican lawmaker in Florida filed a bill to allow legal gun owners to carry firearms on campus.

If passed, Florida would join 12 other states that have passed similar legislation.

A Republican lawmaker in Florida has filed a bill to allow legally owned firearms to be carried on college campuses.

Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini filed the bill Thursday in the state House of Representatives. The legislation, HB6007, if passed, would go into effect July 1.

Florida would join 12 other states that have passed legislation protecting students’ Second Amendment rights while on campus: Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oregon, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, and Wisconsin.

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The Florida campus carry bill “removes [the] provision prohibiting concealed carry licensees from openly carrying a handgun or carrying concealed weapon or firearm into college or university facility.”

Currently, Florida students cannot carry a firearm in any capacity while on campus. However, a statute does allow students to store weapons in their vehicles while in campus parking lots. College boards of trustees are also allowed to specify restrictions against carrying firearms on any state university owned or managed property.

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