Prof: 'Nasty, naughty little Republicans' try to 'pimp God'

A University of Louisville professor accused Republicans of trying to "pimp God."

The comment was just one of the reasons the professor said he has "contempt" for the GOP.

A University of Louisville professor wrote in a recent op-ed that Republicans are trying to "pimp" God.

Ricky Jones, a professor in the Department of Pan-African Studies at the University of Louisville, wrote an opinion piece published by the Louisville Courier-Journal in late May, headlined, "Support for Donald Trump and Matt Bevin proves America is a nasty nation."

 That prompted a response from the Jefferson County, Kentucky Republican Party, which read, “Once again, the Courier-Journal and Ricky L. Jones demonstrate their utter contempt for people who don't think or act like them. Rather than engaging in a debate of thoughts and ideas, Mr. Jones falls back on tired accusations of racism and xenophobia." 

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"I can’t speak for the Courier-Journal, but you’re certainly right about one thing," Jones wrote in a separate June 12 op-ed. "I have utter contempt for you...I have contempt for you because you seek out judges and legislators who try to weaken or destroy the Brown v. Board decision of 1954, the Civil and Voting Rights Acts of 1964 and 1965 and other progressive milestones. In doing so, you attack black Americans. You then try to clumsily flip the script by labeling people who call you on your racism as 'racist.' That’s monstrous." 

Jones continued by saying that he also has contempt for Republicans because they, among other things he lists, "embrace dilettantes who would turn back the clock on Roe v. Wade," "take credit for national economic gains resulting from the efforts of the Obama administration," and "are the champions of voter suppression." 

"I have contempt for you because,  you pimp God — turning Her into a callous, homophobic, supremacist, gun-toting bigot to justify your nastiness," Jones writes, later claiming that he is "not a Democrat, and I am not Michelle Obama." 

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"Like you, I fight dirty. When you go low, I’ll go LOWER! And oh, by the way — that’s DR. Jones (not MR.) to YOU, nasty, nasty, naughty little Republicans," the professor added. 

Federal Election Commission public records show that in 2007, Jones made two small donations, one for $25 and one for $2.50, to Act Blue, which on its website states that it is "powering Democratic candidates, committees, parties, organizations, and C4s around the country."

Jones told Campus Reform that he has "taught many Republican/ conservative students," will teach "many more," and that to imply Republican students are not welcome in his classes is "off-base."

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