After prof calls to abolish grading, Emma Meshell asks, what's the point of college, then?

Meshell questioned why, if students don't receive grades, they would go to college in the first place.

A New York professor called to abolish grading because he says it props up capitalism and Emma Meshell responded on FBN's "Trish Regan Primetime."

Campus Reform's Emma Meshell reacted to a New York professor advocating for getting rid of grades, claiming that they prop up capitalism. 

On Fox Business Network's Trish Regan Primetime Tuesday, Meshell weighed in on New School professor Richard Wolff's recent op-ed, entitled, “Grades Are Capitalism in Action. Let’s Get Them Out of Our Schools.” In the piece, which was published by the left-wing website Truth Out, Wolff states that meritocracy "redirects the blame for capitalism’s failures onto its victims." He continues by saying that "schools teach meritocracy, and grading is the method."

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Wolff did not return Campus Reform's request for further comment, but on Tuesday, Meshell offered her perspective on his proposal. 

"If students aren't being graded on anything, they aren't having any sort of measurement as to whether they've mastered their course content at all, why would they even go to class or why would they even to college in the first place," Meshell said.

Meshell followed that up by adding, "This is why students go to school, to prove what they have learned." 

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It's not the first time that Wolff has decried capitalism. As Campus Reform previously reported, Wolff has blamed capitalism for the rise in homelessness in the U.S. Wolff has also compared President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. 

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