Without 'terror' group label for Antifa, 'it's difficult for universities to effectively respond,' former member says

In a 2019 FoxNews.com op-ed, former Antifa member Gabriel Nadales explains why he believes the U.S. should label Antifa a domestic terror organization.

Nadales says that doing so would help colleges universities deal with the group more effectively.

Former Antifa member Gabriel Nadales says it's crucial for the U.S. to label Antifa a domestic terrorist organization because doing so would help universities respond more effectively.  

In a 2019 FoxNews.com op-ed, Nadales, who works for Campus Reform's parent organization, the Leadership Institute, wrote that the domestic terror label would help colleges "take action when Antifa strikes." 

"We cannot accept these kinds of threats and attacks but, without the designation, it’s difficult for universities to effectively respond," he said.

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As just one example, Nadales pointed to the situation at the University of Texas-Austin where, as students arrived on campus for the fall semester in 2019, they faced threats from the leftist group Autonomous Student Network. ASN said that it would dox, or release the personal information belonging to, students who join conservative student organizations. 

Campus Reform was one of the first to report on this story in June 2019. The University of Texas-Austin later told Campus Reform that it had sent a letter to the Texas Attorney General's office asking for any possible legal remedies. However, just days before students arrived on campus for the fall semester, there was no indication of any action that had been taken. 

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While the situation at UT-Austin did not manifest any physical violence, other campus controversies involving Antifa have. 

These instances are what led President Donald Trump to say that he is considering labeling Antifa a domestic terror organization. More recently, on Sunday, Trump tweeted his intent to do so.

"Today, Antifa is far more aggressive and violent than it was when I was involved nearly a decade ago," Nadales writes. "The bottom line is that Antifa is as strong, bold and violent as it is because we’ve taken it lightly for too long. The acts of fear and intimidation are not new. They are only another chapter that illustrates Antifa's willingness to maim political opponents."

"Antifa behaves like a terrorist organization because it is one," the former member adds. "It’s time for [us] to call it what it is."

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