University calls out comedian who told students to 'f*cking grow up' (VIDEO)

Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson recently performed at the University of Central Florida. During his set, he criticized the audience for using their phones during the performance.

Although Davidson noted that the event rules clearly stated "no phones," the university is focusing more on Davidson’s use of foul language toward the audience than the behavior of its students.

The University of Central Florida is speaking out against comedian Pete Davidson after the Saturday Night Live star accused a student audience of lacking respect and needing to "f*cking grow up."

Video shows the comedian criticizing the audience for being on their cell phones during his performance instead of enjoying the show, despite the event rules prohibiting cell phone use.

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“If you film everything and not enjoy the show for fuckin’ an hour then, like, I don’t gotta be here. I could just give them their money back because I don’t give a fuck,” exclaimed Davidson.

Davidson’s rant continued, criticizing the students in attendance for being disrespectful. 

“Whenever somebody else comes to your fuckin’ town and wants to perform and is exhausted and flies all the way to the middle of fuckin’ nowhere to do jokes for you little privileged assholes, don’t fuckin’ ruin the show for people who actually wanna be here,” he said.

"That’s why the world is going to end in 25 years because we’re all fucking retarded. Yeah, I meant it that way! Idiots.”

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Davidson went on to describe the younger generation as “embarrassing,” telling the audience they “should fucking grow up.”

“We’re the next generation,” said the comedian. “Don’t you want adults to respect us? Don’t you want your parents to like be proud of you?”

Now, the university is speaking out against the comedian, seeming to focus on his use of the word “retarded.” 

“Mr. Davidson’s abusive language, particularly his use of a derogatory slur, is contrary to the University of Central Florida’s values of inclusion and respect for all,” a university spokesperson said in a statement to Buzzfeed News 

The spokesperson claimed that Davidson’s “rant spoiled an event that was meant to welcome students back for the fall semester.”

Campus Reform reached out to UCF for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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