VIDEO: Georgetown student SCOLDS protesters who shut down acting DHS sec

Georgetown student and Campus Reform Correspondent Justin Drewer reacted to the incident.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin MacAleenan was recently shouted off stage at Georgetown University.

Georgetown University students shouted off stage President Donald Trump's Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin MacAleenan recently as he tried to speak during a forum on immigration policy. 

Multiple protesters shouted in protest as the government official tried multiple times to address the audience at the Washington, D.C. campus. 

After several failed attempts to hold a civil discussion, MacAleenan walked off the stage, saying, "I'm going to get back to work and keep trying to secure this country."  Following the incident, Andrew Selee, president of the Migration Policy Institute, which co-sponsored the event, tweeted that the "audience lost the chance to engage w/him [MacAleenan] on policy."

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Campus Reform Correspondent and Georgetown University student Justin Drewer agreed with Selee. 

"A lot of my fellow students are disappointed at the behavior of the protesters," Drewer said during a recent on-air interview with Fox & Friends First. Drewer added that, as Georgetown students, "we have a unique have speakers such as Acting Secretary MacAleenan and other government officials to offer their perspectives and their experience with us."

"[I]t's a valuable insight that we have into government, regardless of the students' political beliefs," Drewer added. "I really wish that we could set aside our partisanship and take these opportunities for what they are: very valuable for our education."

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