EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Cornell prof rips Elizabeth Warren's 'Medicare for all' plan to shreds

According to Jacobson, Warren's Medicare for all proposal is "pie in the sky."

Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson, who is also an expert on Sen. Elizabeth Warren, sat down recently with Campus Reform.

Jacobson also said that her "radical" plan would be an "electoral disaster" if she becomes the Democrat nominee.

Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson stopped by Campus Reform to discuss the state of free speech in America, as well as Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s “Medicare For All” proposal, details of which she released Nov.  1.

Jacobson, in addition to founding the blog, Legal Insurrection, is also an expert on Warren’s campaign and career, having compiled an exhaustive collection of information and documents relating to her decades in politics. When asked about Warren’s signature plan to provide government run Medicare for all Americans, Jacobson was clear: “This is a radical proposal.”

“It’s pie in the sky, she’s created a fictitious web of assumptions that will never happen, she would destroy private health insurance," he said.

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Jacobson went on to point out how the economy would be negatively impacted by the implementation of such a plan, saying “her plan would include trillions in new taxes on employers as if there’s no impact. Maybe if you’ve lived your life in academia you don’t see that, but we all know in the real world… costs matter.”

“If that employer is taxed, guess what, that employer is going to eliminate jobs, or cut back hours, or forget your pay raise. The money doesn’t come from nowhere,” Jacobson added. 

Going on to cite his own experiences with government-run healthcare, he said “I studied in the Soviet Union… I saw firsthand the myth of what is the equivalent of Medicare for all. It was free healthcare, but you couldn’t get in to see a doctor!”

In Jacobson’s view, Warren’s healthcare plan would hinder her electoral chances.

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“How are you going to win nationally with women when you’re going to take away their private health insurance with a promise that government health plans will do better?” he asked. 

Predicting a potential “electoral disaster” if she were to be nominated, Jacobson closed by saying, “Democrats are scared to death that it could be a landslide of [Walter] Mondale proportions if she’s nominated.”

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