Harvard poll: GOP students less likely than Dems to share political views with profs

This is lower than young Democrats and independents, who are mostly comfortable in sharing political views.

A recent poll shows about a third of young Republicans are comfortable sharing their political views with their professors.

A recent poll by the Harvard Institute of Politics found that, compared with young Democrats and independents, young Republicans are less willing to share their political views with professors. 

The poll found that only 35 percent of young Republicans ages 18-29 are “comfortable sharing political views” with their college professors. 

Meanwhile, 54 percent of young Democrats and 51 percent of young independents of the same age range are comfortable sharing their views. 

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Young Republicans also feel uncomfortable sharing their views in the workplace. Only 49 percent of young Republicans feel comfortable sharing political views with a colleague, and just 41 percent are comfortable sharing their views with a supervisor. 

Less than half of young Democrats and independents feel comfortable sharing political views with a supervisor. However, 56 percent of young Democrats are comfortable sharing their views with other colleagues. 

The Harvard poll also indicated other divides exist between young Democrats and young Republicans. Approximately two-thirds of young Republicans are “more hopeful than fearful about America” and the future of the country compared to only 35 percent of young Democrats. 

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Additionally, most young Americans support the idea of billionaires. Only 16 percent responded that billionaires should not exist in America. 

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