VIDEO: Conservative student running for office after seeing 'bureacracy and big government' on campus

Campus Reform Minnesota Campus Correspondent Megan Olson announced she is running for the state legislature in 2020.

Olson said Campus Reform has helped her "find her voice" and build the confidence she needed to decide to run.

Campus Reform Correspondent Megan Olson announced that she is running for the Minnesota state legislature as a Republican because of the bureaucracy and big government she's witnessed as a student at the University of Minnesota. 

Olson joined Fox & Friends recently to discuss her statehouse run and what drove her to get involved in politics in the first place. 

"I want to run because I've seen bureaucracy and big government on my college campus and I've seen what it does, and all it does is stifle free speech and silence a lot of voices and I think that intellectual diversity is really important," Olson said. 

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"My community definitely thrives on individual autonomy and I personally believe that people in my community, they can make better decisions for themselves and for their families than the government can," she continued.

Olson looked back on her experience as a  Campus Reform correspondent, saying  how the program has helped her "find her voice."

"That's just been key to helping me build my confidence and find my voice on my college campus, speaking out against liberal bias and abuse and I brought this confidence to my campaign and I fully intend on winning in 2020," Olson added. 

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