Murray speaks on upcoming Middlebury visit after a 'mess' three years ago (VIDEO)

Political scientist Charles Murray is set to visit Middlebury College in Vermont, three years after he was forced off stage and attacked by leftist protesters.

Murray joined Fox & Friends to discuss his upcoming appearance and his new book.

Political scientist Charles Murray joined Fox & Friends Monday morning to discuss his upcoming appearance at Middlebury College, three years after he visited the Vermont campus where he was forced off stage and attacked by leftist protesters. 

"It was a mess," Murray said of his 2017 visit to Middlebury. During that visit, Murray was attacked and one Middlebury professor who tried to help him "was quite seriously injured," Murray recalled to Fox & Friends. When asked if he expects to face similar circumstances when he goes back in March, Murray said, "Who knows? I've given up on predicting that kind of thing." 

Murray is the author of Human Diversity: The Biology of Gender, Race, and Class, which hits store shelves Tuesday. Murray said he expects there will be people who disagree with what he writes in the book, but he pointed out that what he writes are "things that are broadly accepted within the discipline."

"This is not Charles Murray's set of opinions about all this. I'm summarizing very extensive technical literatures," Murray stated.

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"I try to bring some sanity back to the discussion of gender, race, and class, because we're told any differences between the sexes and among ethnic groups and differential success, it's privilege, it's racism, it's sexism. Well, partly, yeah. But it's also partly biological," Murray said. 

Murray referenced today's polarized political and social climates in which he says there are "two worlds." 

"There's a world in which the woke scholars tell us that it's all the environment and institutions that are bad. And there's another world which is not scary. People aren't coming up with horrible findings about differences. It just is that, guess what, human beings around the world are somewhat different biologically," Murray said. 

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