VIDEO: Man rips 'bulls**t' ultrasound flyers out of reporter's hand --- mid-interview

The incident happened as the reporter asked students at what stage of a pregancy is it appropriate to have an abortion.

A man at George Washington University ripped ultrasound flyers out of a reporter's hands, mid-interview.

A man on the campus of George Washington University in Washington, D.C. ripped posters of ultrasounds out of a  reporter's hand mid-interview.

Mary Olohan, a social issues reporter at The Daily Caller News Foundation, brought pictures of unborn children during the first, second, and third trimester to show to students and ask them at what stage an abortion should be permissible. Olohan also brought a photo of a newborn baby to ask students whether Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s suggestion of "abortion" after birth is also acceptable. 

As Olohan asked three female students for their thoughts, an unidentified male walked up and ripped the posters out of Olohan's hand. 

"Bullshit," the man said as he throws the papers on the ground and walks away. 

The Daily Caller posted a video of the incident to its Twitter account. 

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Campus Reform spoke with Olohan,  who said the unidentified individual “stopped and listened momentarily” before proceeding to rip the posters from her hand. 

“I was talking to the students pictured in the video about how far along during a woman’s pregnancy they thought abortions should be allowed. We were focused on them," Olohan said, referring to the three female interviewees.

Olohan said she did not alert campus police at the time.

George Washington University did not respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment in time of publication.

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