VIDEO: Last semester's craziest student protests

From protesting for climate change to protesting conservative speakers like Charlie Kirk and Ann Coulter, we’re highlighting the craziest examples.

Campus Reform is looking back at student protests from last year.

Campus Reform is highlighting the craziest student protests from the 2019 school year.

From protests involving climate change to protesting conservative speakers on campus like Charlie Kirk and Ann Coulter, Campus Reform filmed leftist students shouting down and getting violent at protests. 

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Here are the top five videos: 

1. Leftist students protest Charlie Kirk and Lara Trump at NC State

Campus Reform Correspondent Addison Smith talked to student protesters at North Carolina State University who were protesting a Turning Point USA Culture War event that featured Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk and Lara Trump. 

In addition to attacking Kirk personally, students accused Kirk, Turning Point USA, and its supporters of being racist. When Smith asked for evidence, one protester told him to “go f**k” himself.

2. Students shut down Art Laffer at Binghamton University

A College Republicans event for economist Art Laffer at Binghamton University was shut down within minutes of starting after student protesters occupied the auditorium. The event appeared to get violent with students getting physical and forcing police to get involved. 

Police also had to escort the College Republicans out of the auditorium for safety reasons. Two arrests were made, and the College Republican group blamed Antifa for the protest. 

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3. University of Florida students shout down Don. Jr, heckle Charlie Kirk

Protesters at the University of Florida disrupted an event featuring Donald Trump Jr. and former Fox News commentator Kimberly Guilfoyle. While UF claimed students showed “civility” at the event, video captured by Campus Reform shows students trying to shout over Trump Jr. during his speech. 

Additionally, before the event, Kirk was heckled by student protesters who chanted, “f**k you Charlie.” 

4. Violence erupts at Berkeley outside Ann Coulter event

Hundreds of protesters showed up at the University of California-Berkeley to protest a speech by conservative commentator Ann Coulter. According to local police, several masked individuals were arrested. 

Inside the venue, a protester was also escorted out by police as they held up their middle fingers toward the stage. 

5. Students march with Jane Fonda to protest fossil fuel investments

Last fall, students and leftist activists marched weekly in downtown Washington D.C. to protest climate change. 

Campus Reform went to one of the marches, which was led by Jane Fonda, to interview protesters who shut down traffic outside of major banks to protest investments in fossil fuels. 

Students called for banks to divest from fossil fuels, but defended their own personal use of bank accounts at these banks. 

“On a personal level, since we are all subjects in the capitalist system, it’s extremely difficult for an completely avoid the system,” a student claimed. 

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