Professors working with China are 'selling out the American people,' says Cabot Phillips

Phillips highlighted Chinese funded Confucius Institutes and professors accused of lying about their ties to China.

Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Cabot Phillips appeared on Fox News to discuss the latest updates on Chinese influence on college campuses.

Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Cabot Phillips detailed the extent of Chinese influence on college campuses in a recent appearance on Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream. 

Phillips told Bream and viewers about the 75 Confucius Institutes at higher education institutions across the country.

"Confucius Institutes are Chinese Communist Party centers on college campuses," Phillips explained. "They purport to teach Chinese language and culture to students on campus, but the Chinese minister of propaganda openly admits they are propaganda centers hoping to influence the curriculums on campus and to make sure they're controlling the narrative around the Chinese government." 

Later in the interview, Phillips explained the other aspect of Chinese influence which involves the Chinese Communist Party "essentially buying research from American professors."

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"We've seen...a dozen [professors] in the past year or so that have been caught using federal research dollars to conduct research here in America and then turning around and selling it to the Chinese Communist Party secretly."

Phillips called for accountability from lawmakers and for more awareness of China's influence on campus. 

"Any professor that's caught should be held accountable to the furthest extent of the law," Phillips said. "We need to dissuade professors from using taxpayer dollars and searching abroad for the highest bidder and selling out the American people in exchange for a fat payday from the Chinese Communist Party."

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