EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Survivor of Chinese concentration camp tells her story

She recalled mass torture, organ harvesting, and forced labor.

A survivor of a Chinese concentration camp recently spoke with Campus Reform about her horrific experience.

Footage of blindfolded Uyghurs in China being loaded into train cars and sent to concentration camps went viral earlier in July, bringing China’s long history of human rights abuses back to the forefront. Despite the overwhelming evidence pointing to the Chinese Communist Party’s culpability in mass oppression and genocide, many Americans remain unaware or indifferent to those efforts. 

As Campus Reform has reported, colleges and universities around America have welcomed Chinese funded propaganda centers on campus, and students have gone so far as showing support for President Xi Jinping over President Donald Trump. 

I spoke with Jennifer Zeng, a former Chinese citizen who spent one year in a forced labor camp after the Chinese Communist Party accused her of “subversion of the state” for her participation in Falun Gong- a modern spiritual practice focusing on meditation and morality. 

“I was taken from my home while I was asleep… without any explanation I ended up in jail,” she said. 

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“I suffered every day, unimaginable different kinds of torture and cruelty. Every day I could hear screams from fellow [prisoners.] Some of them were tortured to death, some of them were tortured to insanity. And that is still going on today.”

Zeng went on to describe arriving at the camp, “the first sounds we heard were the cracks of the electric batons. The first order we got is ‘squat.' On the first day in the camp we were forced to squat under the scorching sun for 15 hours, and from the second day on we had to recite out loudly the labor camp regulations continuously for 16 hours a day.”

“People would ask me ‘did I miss my family there?’” I said honestly, no. Because every day on my mind was how can I survive another day?”

Zeng also spoke on the horrific practice of organ harvesting, saying “we could be killed for our organs, at any time if any of the people outside China or inside China needed an organ. We were subjected to lab tests and physical check-ups a number of times so they could connect our blood type and tissue data… that’s how the Chinese hospitals can promise you they can find an organ match within days if you need one. They do reverse matches. If they find that match, they kill that person on demand so they can sell your organs. One person’s organs can be sold for half a million dollars.”

Watch the full video to hear of Zeng’s miraculous escape from China and what her message is to those in America who refuse to take seriously the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party. 

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