VIDEO: Students predict Kamala Harris will call Mike Pence a ‘racist’ at VP debate

Campus Reform recently asked students about the vice presidential debate.

Most students said Kamala Harris will win the debate and predicted that she will call Vice President Mike Pence a racist on the debate stage.

Ahead of the first and only vice presidential debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris, Campus Reform asked students about the debate, if they will be watching, and who they think will win.

“I’m definitely looking forward to it because the presidential debate was a bit of a mess,” one student said.

“I don’t think I’m going to be watching it, seeing how the presidential debate went out,” another student added. “I didn’t get any information from it.”  

Campus Reform then asked students if they thought Harris would call Pence a racist at the debate. 

Most students said they “wouldn’t be surprised” if she did.

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“Gosh, I would think so,” one student said. “She’s a really strong debater and she doesn’t really hold back as we’ve seen in like the Democratic debates.”

“I don’t think I really would be surprised honestly,” another student said.

One student called Harris a c**n, and said Harris is “a racist herself.”

“She destroys Black communities,” he said. “She destroys Black families and she puts them away.”

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Campus Reform then pointed out how Harris similarly attacked Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for his record on race during the Democratic primaries. Students defended the attack as a tactic to score political points.

“I think it was something that was necessary,” one student said. “Biden definitely had a different stance back in the day, but I mean he educated himself.”

“That sounds like it might be more of a tactic,” a different student said.

“I think she was just doing it to get the votes in her way, to be completely honest,” another added.

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