VIDEO: Students support removing Trump with 25th Amendment...without even knowing what it is

Campus Reform recently asked students at the University of Florida if they support the bill that Pelosi is introducing that would give Congress power to remove Trump from office with the 25th Amendment.

Students were then asked if they knew what the 25th Amendment was.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently introduced a bill that would give Congress the power to remove President Donald Trump from office using the 25th Amendment of the Constitution. The 25th Amendment, which was ratified in 1967, allows a president to be removed if they are unable to perform their duties. According to Democrats, the bill would create a body that would evaluate the fitness of the president.

In a press conference, Pelosi claimed that this bill would not be used against Trump, but would rather serve as a tool for future presidents.

Campus Reform asked students if they agree with Pelosi’s move to introduce this bill that could potentially remove Trump from office. 

Most students said they do support the bill. 

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“I would support that.”

“I do,” one student said. “I just believe that Donald Trump is really not taking the presidency as serious as he can be.”

“If it’s in the constitution, it must be right,” another student said.

Students were asked if they thought Trump was either mentally or physically unfit for office.

One student said, “he’s been mentally unfit for a while.”

“He’s been showing exceptionally poor leadership.”

“I just don’t like seeing him. Everything about him just pisses me off,” one student said.

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Students were then asked if they actually knew what the 25th Amendment was.

“I’m not as aware,” one student admitted.

“It’s been a while since I’ve taken U.S. history, I’ll admit,” another student said.

One student claimed she was “a little fuzzy on that one.”

Only one student knew what the 25th Amendment was. Campus Reform then asked students, now that they knew what the 25th Amendment was, if it should be used to remove Trump from office.

“I guess it wouldn’t really make sense in my opinion.”

“Actually, I didn’t know what the 25th Amendment was before you just told me,” one student said. “So now, I guess I wouldn’t think that that’s right.”

When asked whether or not they felt the same bill should be used against Biden if he wins in November, students had this to say.

“I believe so,” one student said. “I mean he is a little bit mentally unstable, but I think he’d get the job done pretty much.”

Another student admitted it “would be fair” to do so.

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