JACOBSON: 'Taxpayers are funding these professors' salaries, and they're building bus stops'

On the most recent episode of Campus Countdown, Campus Reform Reporter Ophelie Jacobson broke down some of the most notable campus stories from the past week.

Jacobson highlighted Campus Reform's recent coverage of a project at the University of California Los Angles that seeks to solve climate change issues by building bus stop-like structures to serve as "cooling stations" around Los Angeles. 

"It might just be me, but I'm a little confused as to how building a bus stop will combat climate change," said Jacobson. "I mean, who knew it was that easy?"

"Keep in mind that the University of California Los Angeles is a public university," added Jacobson. "Which means that taxpayers are funding these professors' salaries, and they're building bus stops."

Jacobson also took aim at Yale University, which has mandated a month-long quarantine for students returning to campus this semester. 

"You would think that by being an Ivy League school, Yale University would pay close attention to what the experts have to say," said Jacobson, adding that the CDC has issued guidance saying that a 14 day quarantine is sufficient, and even as short as 10 days in some cases.

Find out which story made Campus Countdown's #1 story spot this week, and hear more from Jacobson in the full video above.