VIDEO: Students support court packing... until they hear Democrats used to oppose it

Democrats recently proposed legislation to increase the number of Supreme Court Justices from nine to 13. This comes after President Biden announced a commission to study reforms within the Supreme Court. 

Many Republicans have called this plan an obvious “power grab,” since Joe Biden was recorded in 1983 calling President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s proposal to expand the court a “bone-headed idea.” The late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was also quoted in a 2019 NPR interview saying that “nine seems to be a good number and its been that way for a long time.”

Campus Reform Reporter Ophelie Jacobson went to the University of Florida to see if college students would support the proposed legislation. Students overwhelmingly supported expanding the number of justices to thirteen.

Jacobson then showed them the old footage of both Biden and Ginsburg criticizing Democrat attempts to pack the court.

Watch the full video above to find out whether students were willing to change their minds after seeing the video. 

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