NH Republicans, Democrats clash over 30 new COVID bills

New Hampshire Democratic Vaccine Bills would require COVID-19 vaccinations for students in both K-12 schools and colleges.

Republicans to introduce conscientious objector status for existing school vaccine mandates.

Thirty newly filed vaccination bills in New Hampshire are reigniting debate over education policy on COVID-19 restrictions. 

Democrats are proposing House Bill 1633, which would mandate vaccines for students K-12 as well as for college students. They are also proposing a bill that would allow performing arts venues to establish their own COVID-19 regulations.

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The CDC recently stated that Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccines should not be given to children younger than the age of 17. 

The only CDC-authorized vaccine for children under the age of 12 is the Pfizer vaccine, which is still in emergency status for children below the age of 15.

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Republicans have introduced bills prohibiting vaccine mandates in schools as well as a ban on vaccine and mask mandates in colleges and universities.

For example, House Bill 1455 would prevent the state from enforcing federal laws or orders that mandate vaccination, proof of vaccination, or proof of negative testing as terms of employment.