WATCH: Student journalist discusses his career, Christian values

Alexa Schwerha sat down with Senior Campus Reform Correspondent Ben Zeisloft to talk about his work managing a conservative newspaper on a college campus.

Campus Reform Reporter Alexa Schwerha sat down with Campus Reform senior correspondent and student editor Ben Zeisloft to take a deep dive into what it takes to be a driven voice within the conservative movement- especially on a college campus.

Zeisloft is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania where he is studying business economics and public policy at the institution's prestigious Wharton School. 

He has been writing for Campus Reform for nearly two years and has had his work featured in the Daily Wire.

Zeisloft is also a leading voice on campus by serving as editor-in-chief for the UPenn Stateman, an on-campus publication devoted to freedom of speech; he also serves as an editor for the Christian magazine the Penn Epistle.

Promoting the conservative movement on campus through media takes courage, boldness, according to Zeisloft, as well as a willingness to "push against the grain."

"It certainly takes the willingness to be countercultural," he states. "You have to be willing to push conservative, libertarian stories and perhaps get some awkward questions from your friends."

Zeisloft says that freedom of speech is the most important issue that college students face today. That right can be an important tool for conservative students to utilize to push back against liberal bias and indoctrination experienced in the classroom.

Such accounts are exhaustively covered by Campus Reform, he says.

"It takes a lot of willpower to be willing to speak against the default, center-left worldview that I see at a school like University of Pennsylvania. Having professors and students who are willing to listen to conservative values, and then having conservatives who are willing to actually speak out with their values, both are very important," he states.

Zeisloft continues, "The work we do at Campus Reform is critical, and in that mission, in letting our pers know that we exist, that we're on campus and that our ideas aren't really that crazy."

Watch the video above to hear more about the work Ben does through his writing.

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