Campus Profile: North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University is a public institution in Raleigh. Around 26,200 undergraduate students are enrolled at the university.

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North Carolina State University is a public institution in Raleigh. Around 26,200 undergraduate students are enrolled at the university.

Official Political Student Organizations: 

Conservative Organizations: 

College Republicans

Students for Life of America at NC State

Turning Point USA at NC State

Liberal Organizations:

African Student Union


Black Student Union

Channel Blond

College Democrats

Comfortable in Our Skin Student Chapter at NC State University

Feminist Collective of NC State

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Community Alliance

Latinx Veterinary Medical Association at NC State

Lovely Legendary Lesbian League

Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math


Planned Parenthood Generation Action at NC State

Pride Student Veterinary Medical Community

Satanic Students at NC State

Social Justice Corps

Students for Immigrant Rights and Equality

The Climate Reality Project Campus Corps at NC State

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Veterinarians as One Inclusive Community for Empowerment

We Bleed Red

Young Democratic Socialists of America at NC State

FEC Data on North Carolina State University Political Donations:

According to Campus Reform’s analysis of Federal Election Commission (FEC) data, North Carolina State University employee political donations contributed 86.19% to Democrat candidates, while 13.81% went to Republican candidates during the 2020 cycle.

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education Rating:

North Carolina State University has been given a green light speech code. According to FIRE, “Green light institutions are those colleges and universities whose policies nominally protect free speech.”


North Carolina State University is NOT requiring a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students and employees.

Campus Reform Stories about North Carolina State University:

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Student's graded assignment littered with anti-conservative rhetoric, accusations of racism

A NCSU student provided Campus Reform with graded assignments in which a TA wrote that conservatism has "white supremacist traits." The TA also suggested the idea of meritocracy is racist and said that conservative commentator Candace Owns is a supporter of "new racism."

Coordinated effort at NC State for sanctuary campus status

The push follows an October incident in which campus police called ICE after questioning a student who was an illegal immigrant. Student groups at North Carolina State University researched the possibility of making the Raleigh campus a "sanctuary campus."

EXCLUSIVE: NCSU mandatory diversity training includes 'whitesplaining,' 'toxic masculinity' and 'hate speech' lessons

North Carolina State University students are being required to take a diversity training. Campus Reform obtained an exclusive look at the mandatory training materials.