University obligated to reinstate professor who tweeted about 'Black privilege'

A University of Central Florida professor was fired in 2021 following a series of tweets regarding George Floyd and 'Black privilege.'

The professor has been reinstated after an arbitrator determined there was no 'just cause' for termination.

The University of Central Florida (UCF) will reinstate an associate professor of psychology who was fired in 2021 after a series of controversial tweets about George Floyd and "Black privilege."

UCF is taking this action because an arbitrator determined it lacked "just cause" to fire Charles Negy over his tweets, Fox News reports

Negy lost his job in January 2021 after students accused him of racism. The tweets have been deleted since the initial posting. 

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Negy returns to UCF with tenure, compensation, and benefits, The New York Times reports

UCF Assistant Vice President of Communications Chad Binette told Campus Reform that the university "stands by the actions taken" after an investigation into the professor's conduct found "repeated" offenses.

According to Binette, the misconduct allegations included "imposing his views about religion, sex and race."

"However, we are obligation to follow the arbitrator's ruling," he stated.

"[W]e do not tolerate discrimination against any member of our campus community," he stated.

UCF student Sarah Menard told Campus Reform that the Florida campus is biased against students and faculty who "do not fall on the left side of the political spectrum." 

Menard recounted the negative treatment she has experienced being a conservative on the Florida campus. 

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She told Campus Reform that some professors and teaching assistants make it difficult for students to vocalize their opinions, despite class participation being a graded requirement.

“I find this incredibly unfair and frustrating that even the most moderate conservative come under fire for having an opinion on campus while the most extreme leftists and even the Young Democratic Socialists of America on campus are praised and celebrated," she explained.

Menard also stated that Negy should not have bene fired in 2021.

"Everyone in this country has the right to express their thoughts and opinions so long as their words do not cause any harm," she said. 

Negy could not be reached for comment.

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