Professor says it is 'critical' to discuss 'abortion rights' with 'school-age children'

University of Chicago Professor of Psychology Katherine Kinzler argued in a recent publication that it is 'critical' for parents to talk to their young 'school-aged' children about abortion.

The University of Chicago included a link to professor Kinzler’s article in a Twitter thread about recent media hits featuring scholars from the school.

University of Chicago (UChicago) Professor of Psychology Katherine Kinzler wrote an article for the Chicago Tribune entitled, “Why it is critical to talk to your kids about abortion rights.”

In the piece, she explained that she began talking to her 8-year-old daughter about abortion shortly after the Supreme Court's opinion overturning Roe v. Wade leaked earlier this year. 

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Kinzler stated that young children may be “more prepared than some adults” to deal with the topic of abortion. “I would argue that it is critical to talk with your school-age children about abortion rights,” she wrote. 

The UChicago professor further explained that some parents may not feel that they can discuss abortion with their children without discussing the topic of sex. However, she wrote that the “heart of the issue” comes down to “personal rights and autonomy,” and is “really not about the mechanics of conception at all.”  

UChicago supported the professor by sharing a link to the article in a July 1 tweet.

The university’s Twitter thread featured Kinzler’s article and also mentioned several other articles on the topic of abortion from different faculty and staff members. 

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One such article was from UChicago Professor of Law Geoffrey Stone, who stated that the overturning of Roe v. Wade is “close to unprecedented in taking away a right meant to protect individuals.” 

On July 8, Kinzler tweeted a link to the article again, clarifying that she believes abortion rights should be explained to all kids, “girls AND boys.” 

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