WATCH: Rob Jenkins interviewed on Real America's Voice

Campus Reform Higher Education Fellow Rob Jenkins joined Real America's Voice to discuss the proposed changes to Title IX.

Campus Reform Higher Education Fellow, and tenured Associate Professor of English at Georgia State University, Rob Jenkins joined Real America’s Voice to discuss the Title IX changes proposed by the Biden Administration.

The proposed changes would extend Title IX protections to include “sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics," beyond the original protections for biological sex. 

In his Campus Reform op-ed, “Biden’s proposed changes to Title IX will harm women,” Jenkins, a former collegiate athletic director, explained that progressives who are proposing the updates even can’t define a woman. 

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Jenkins began the interview by explaining why transgender ideology is harmful in the classroom.

"As a college professor, I’m in the truth business. I try to help my students learn how to think critically," he said. "So when we’re insisting that professors use their ‘preferred pronouns,’ we’re essentially telling them they have to affirm a lie.”

“How can we teach them to search for truth and to use reason and logic when we refuse to do the same?," Jenkins added.

The professor also explained the dangers women will face by expanding Title IX.

“It’s not just a matter of preference and it’s not just theoretical. There is very real harm that can happen when we overturn fifty years of Title IX protecting women’s rights protecting women’s opportunities in education,” Jenkins remarked.

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He continued, saying “[t]hat’s what Title IX was originally intended to do to create opportunities to make sure that women have the same opportunities on campus that men have, and that’s what it’s done for fifty years.”

Jenkins clarified how the proposed expansion will work against its intended purpose, noting that “[the proposal] accomplishes exactly the opposite of what Title IX was intended to accomplish.”

He then discussed why this would discount women’s opportunities, specifically in sports.

“Men are, on average, larger, stronger, faster than women. That doesn’t mean they’re superior to women, it’s just a biological fact,” Jenkins elaborated.

“As an athletic director… we worked over a period of several years to even it out and make sure that we had the same number of opportunities for women that we did for men," Jenkins continued. "Now I'm looking and seeing that whole thing just thrown out the window.” 

Jenkins noted that while it’s the sports that make headlines, it’s not just sports that are at risk with the proposed Title IX changes. 

“It’s not just sports… if we go through with these new title ix rules, any man on campus can apply for one of the women’s scholarships.”

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