College professor claims Romney lost Wednesday’s debate

A prominent university professor slammed Mitt Romney in a letter-to-the-editor on Thursday claiming the former governor was actually beaten by President Obama in Wednesday night's contest.

Prof. Stephen Gillers' surprising position contradicts the opinion of most national political pundits who almost unanimously conceded a Romney victory.  A CNN news poll also revealed that 67% or more of debate watchers perceived a Romney win.

A prominent professor accused Romney of using Wednesday night’s debate as a platform to lie to the American voter.

“Mitt Romney lost the debate and revealed why he should not be elected,” contended Gillers, a professor of law at New York University (NYU), in a letter to the New York Times which was published Thursday.

In his letter, Gillers went on to accuse Romney of using the debate as an occasion to lie to the American voter.

“He exaggerated, misled, promised voters more than it is arithmetically or politically possible to deliver, and contradicted positions he took during the primary debates, while avoiding specifics,” wrote Gillers.

The professor also said the former Massachusetts governor was running for “best actor in a leading role” and not participating in a “contest for president.”

Gillers did not immediately return calls from Campus Reform asking for comment.

The professor made news in 2004 when he penned a controversial column calling on Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry to select former President Bill Clinton as his running mate. In his piece, he argued that the constitutional problem could be “disposed of easily.”

Gillers is also a contributing author to The Nation magazine.

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