Notre Dame to host debate on gay marriage that may include ‘mature or adult content’

The nation’s most prominent Catholic university plans to host a debate on the legalization of gay-marriage on Thursday which the school warns “includes mature or adult content.”

The debate is set to feature gay-rights advocate, Wayne State Professor John Corvino, and Maggie Gallagher, co-founder of the National Organization for Marriage.

Notre Dame, one of the nation’s most prominent Catholic universities, will host a debate on the legalization of gay-marriage next week.

A posting on the school website suggests the debate’s content will veer towards “mature” or “adult” subject matter.

A spokesperson for Notre Dame, however, declined to elaborate on what that might mean.

Dennis Brown, spokesperson for the university, did, however, tell Campus Reform that the school is hosting the debate in an attempt to give students a balanced view of the gay-marriage issue.

Notre Dame University is a private catholic institution which is technically bound by Catholic Doctrine which teaches that homosexual behavior is a violation of divine law.

The Catholic institution, however, is also reconsidering some of their policies regarding LGBTQ issues.

Administrators have recently been urged to allow a proposed gay-straight alliance on campus. A petition, signed by 366 Notre Dame faculty and staff, was published in the student paper demanding the repeal of a long-standing policy that forbids such a club from being sanctioned.

Gallagher and Corvino previously co-authored a book together, Debating Same Sex Marriage.

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