Conservative Campus Hero: Created Course on American Conservatism at UVA

Conservative Campus Hero

Wes Siler

University of Virginia

The Burke Society

Activism Highlight on Campus:

Created Course on American Conservatism at UVA

            While attending the University of Virginia, Wes Siler realized that no conservative courses were offered on campus. As President of the Burke Society, a conservative campus group, he proposed to the University’s student council that a class known as Conservatism 101 be added to UVA’s curriculum. Conservatism 101, a project of the Leadership Institute, is an academically rigorous examination of the conservative intellectual tradition.

            Initially the course proposal was rejected in the fall of 2009. Wes Siler persevered. He worked with the Leadership Institute, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, and other national organizations to strategize and build support for the course.

            The proposal was submitted again to the University student council in the spring of 2010. The course was approved. In the fall of 2010, Conservatism 101was taught for the first time at the University of Virginia.

            Now the Leadership Institute uses the lessons learned in the successful campaign at UVA to bring Conservatism 101 to other colleges and universities across the United States.