Conservative Campus Hero: Reversing School’s Decision on Mandatory Health Care Insurance

Conservative Campus Hero

Nick Kowalski
Michigan State University
Campus Conservatives

Activism Highlight on Campus: 

Reversing School’s Decision on Mandatory Health Care Insurance

Last Spring, Michigan State University followed in the footsteps of the Obama Administration and decided to require all students to purchase a mandatory health insurance policy.  MSU was the only public university that allowed a policy requiring students to purchase health insurance. Should any student fail to provide proof of insurance coverage, the cost would remain the same, adding over $1,500 to their tuition bill each year.

Nick Kowalski, the Founder and Chairman of the MSU Campus Conservatives, put his foot down. After first writing about the situation for the College Conservative and LI’s Campus Reform, Nick led the charge on a student- initiative to overturn the new policy. An email and a call-in campaign which directed students to express their complaints resulted in the MSU administration reversing their decision.