College presidents send letter demanding stricter gun-control laws

More than 300 college and university presidents have signed an online letter demanding stricter nationwide gun control laws both on and off campus.

Over 300 collège and university presidents have signed a letter demanding stricter gun control laws.

The letter, signed by the heads of both private and public institutions, demands legislators quickly reinstate a ban on semi-automatic assault weapons, oppose legislation allowing guns on college campuses, and require additional safety standards for guns.

“As educators and parents, we come together to ask our elected representatives to act collectively on behalf of our children by enacting rational gun safety measures,” the letter reads.

The effort is being lead by Oglethorpe University President Lawrence Schall and Agnes Scott College President Elizabeth Kiss who have formed an organization called College Presidents for Gun Safety.

That organization did not provide comment to Campus Reform in time for publication.

Students for Concealed Carry (SCC), a national organization promoting legislation to allow students to carry guns on campus, responded to the letter on their Facebook page.

“SCC has always respected the rights of private colleges to set their rules, but we’re puzzled why they appeal to the president, who cannot affect state-level concealed carry regulations,” posted SCC.

Signatories of the letter include educators from Columbia University, the University of Maryland, Loyola Marymount University, Drake University, Concordia College, among others.

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