Princeton students denounce school’s ‘hookup culture’

Two students at Princeton University are facing a backlash after publishing a column in the school paper denouncing what they call a pervasive “hookup” culture among students.

Two students at Princeton are under fire for authoring an article which attacked the school's hookup culture.

In the controversial opinion piece students Audrey Pollnow and Ben Koons criticized one-night stands suggesting they ought to be discouraged by the school.

“Hookups are dishonest, harmful, and naïve,” they argued in their column entitled “Sexual Desires,” they wrote in a joint column in the paper’s December issue.

“Sex is an action of love and to agree not to love while engaging in such a desirous act is jarring; it denies the reality of our bodies and the meanings of its actions,” they continued.

Since publication, both authors have been attacked online with invectives such as “retarded,” “drunk,” and “woman-hating.”

Anscombe Society, a conservative student organization of which the authors are members, also came under attack online.

“Other features of the Anscombe members include a general close-mindedness and blind adherence to a conservative Christian worldview that refuses to acknowledge and accept other modes of human experience, belief, and existence,” wrote one commenter going by the username “13.’”

“Go enjoy your prudish lives and leave the rest of us alone,” wrote another anonymous user.

Other commenters appeared to make threats against the students.

“You will die,” wrote one anonymous individual.

At the time of publication, Pollnow and Koons’ column was the fifth most read article on the school newspaper’s website.

Campus Reform could not reach Pollnow or Koons for comment in time for publication.

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